Things To Think About Before Your Half Bathroom Remodel

A half bath can be a valuable amenity in any home, but it is also one that is the most difficult to decorate. In addition, it can be difficult to know how to use the room to its fullest potential.

Since around the 18th century, half baths have been known as “powder rooms” as they were often small, closet-sized rooms where people applied extra powder to their wigs. The term remained during the Victorian era as a way to discreetly excuse oneself. There are also speculations that the term powder room was related to “powdering your nose,” a euphemism used in polite society when someone had to use the bathroom.

Even today, half baths are used for guests to refresh themselves. A half bath is usually where guests go to use the facilities, so keeping it decorated nicely is important. These tips can help you create the perfect half bathroom remodel.

Make it Functional

Although you want the powder room to be beautiful, you also want it to be functional. Be sure that there is a mirror installed over the sink. A vessel sink will give additional counter space although a dresser vanity will give you some storage space as well. When developing half bathroom remodel ideas, be sure to remember that supplies such as toilet paper and hand towels should be located where they are easily accessible for guests, so small shelves are an excellent addition if there is room.

Ample Floor Space

If your half bath is very small, you want to keep as much floor space as possible. A floating sink is a good way to make the room appear larger, but you will sacrifice storage space. Adding small shelves under the sink for supplies is an excellent option and you may be able to find small shelves with doors to hide unsightly items like cleaning supplies while still opening up the floor in the half bath.

Use Unique Designs to Your Advantage

Often, half baths have an odd shape or design. For example, if it is tucked under your stairwell, you may have a slant on the ceiling in one corner or on one end. Instead of trying to hide the odd shape, embrace it by using neutral colors and textured wall coverings to draw attention to other areas of the room and away from the unusual design.

Be Bold with Color

There is no need to stick with bland, boring colors in your half bath. Consider bright, exotic colors like teal or turquoise to brighten the room when developing half bathroom remodel ideas. Even if you prefer neutral colors, a fresh coat of paint will give any room a bright, clean new look. You can also add bold light fixtures or unique faucets to create a fun, exciting look in your half bath.

Glass and Mirrors

Glass and mirrors can make your bathroom look much larger than it is. A glass sink or countertop can bring a fun, whimsical look to your bath while a large mirror expands the size of the room. Glass can also create a more sophisticated look as well in a half bathroom remodel. Mirrors are critical in powder rooms as people often check their hair, reapply makeup or perform other “look updates” while in the bathroom.

All of these tips are excellent ways to update your half bath and make it more modern. Be sure to pay attention to detail and remember that good lighting is critical. If you are considering a half bath remodel, contact us today by completing the easy query form or give us a call to learn how we can help.