Follow These Bathroom Design Rules for a Seamless Remodel in PA

One of the most exciting things to do is to redesign a room in your home and your bathroom is no exception. However, home renovation projects can be complex, and this is especially true of bathrooms that have many established requirements, like the location of plumbing, fixtures, and electricity. They also require designers to work in a small space and any mistake can cause a domino effect of problems. Marble Concepts offers these tips to help you avoid any costly mistakes and help your bathroom project go smoothly.

Begin with a Plan

Before you begin the project, sit down and plan what you want to do. Think through any changes or adjustments before the project starts as changing your mind halfway through will be very costly. For example, draw a design of what you would like to see in the bathroom and determine if you need to move any fixtures, such as a toilet or sink. These decisions need to be made before you start as they may require moving plumbing or electrical outlets to accommodate the new location of that fixture.

Look at Existing Fixtures

What may look like an easy move to you may be much more difficult than you think. Although it may seem easy for a plumber to move your toilet to the other side of the bathroom, keep in mind that the connections that make your toilet work will need to be moved as well. That will add to the cost of your project. Have a plumber and electrician review your plans prior to starting the project so they can determine what additional costs will be incurred by moving infrastructure in your home like sewer and water lines.

Keep Space in Mind

Granite companies nearby explain that it may be tempting to create an “open” bathroom with lots of floor space, but this is not always possible and may not be the best choice. Even if you have a larger bathroom, you want it to be cohesive as open bathrooms can sometimes look boring with fixtures scattered along walls. Instead, break up a larger bathroom into areas, creating an area for the sink, one for the toilet, and one for the tub and shower. You can add walls or get creative by using glass or tile to separate the areas.

Bathrooms Need Storage

One of the most commonly overlooked issues when designing a bathroom, according to Marble Concepts, is failing to incorporate storage. Your bathroom is a private space where you can go to take a relaxing bubble bath or prepare yourself for the day. It is also the room where you handle daily personal tasks. You need places to store medicines, first aid supplies, makeup, and hair supplies. Towels, hand towels, and washrags will also need to be easily accessible as it is not relaxing to realize while you are in the tub that you don’t have a towel handy for when you get out. Think of guests when you plan your bathroom remodel as well. Although your family may know where the bath towels are stored, your guests may not. Consider an open vanity or shelf with decorative towels displayed so that they are not only easily accessible for your family, but guests can also see clearly where to grab a towel after a shower.

Think Vertically

If your bathroom is small, consider using vertical space to make it larger, granite companies nearby explain. Consider installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets that are narrow and fit into small spaces for storage. Open shelves are another great way to display artwork, plants, and candles that will add to the beauty of the bathroom. Open shelves can even be used to store commonly used items in decorative containers, like cotton swabs, cotton balls, or guest-sized toiletries in case a visitor forgot toothpaste, shampoo, or another item.

Light Up Your Life

There is no room in the house other than the kitchen where lighting is so critical. Your bathroom is where you shave, put on makeup, style your hair, and more. You want to be sure you have the right lighting and that your electrical system can handle any additional lighting you add. If you have skylights or windows that provide natural light, be sure that they also provide privacy. Even with natural light, artificial light will be necessary and there are many options to choose from that will provide the right lighting for all your bathroom needs.

Choose Fixtures Wisely

When planning a bathroom remodel, granite companies nearby explain that it is common for people to think big with visions of claw-footed bathtubs and giant vanities. However, it is also common for experts to explain that the bathroom they are working with cannot accommodate those large fixtures. A bathroom designer will guide you through your purchases and help you choose the right-sized fixtures. Almost all bathroom options come in a variety of sizes so you may still be able to get the look you want on a smaller scale.

Fixture Placement

Where you place fixtures also matters. You don’t want to place your toilet right at the door or where it is clearly visible from other rooms with the door open. You don’t want to sit down at the dining room table and look directly at the toilet. If you must place your toilet in a clear view of the door, consider adding a half-wall or screen to hide the view.

You also want to be sure that accessories are placed properly. Towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders need to be easily accessible. Plan where they will go in the initial design phase and not as an afterthought. Also, consider aging-in-place options which will be beneficial if you have older parents or grandparents who may visit. Consider handrails, walk-in showers, and non-slip floors while remodeling your bathroom.

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