What Factors Should Be Considered Before Bathroom Remodeling?

Remodeling a bathroom is exciting because there is so much you can do to make space a sanctuary. You probably have big dreams for how the whole project is going to turn out, even if the bathroom remodel is merely for increasing home value. However, no matter what the goal of the bathroom remodels might be, there are some factors that should be considered.

Understanding which factors deserve serious consideration before renovating a bathroom can save you from frustration. Here are things to keep in mind when planning a bathroom remodeling:


One of the first things you should think about is the plumbing. Depending on the age of your home and the last time there was any remodeling done, you might open the walls to find an unexpected plumbing issue. Be sure to hire a plumber to evaluate the condition of the pipes and water lines. They can also confirm if piping can be rerouted or modified to fit a new layout or design.

You may also decide to upgrade your plumbing. Most residences use a 1½ inch pipe for the drains. Having a slightly larger drain will prevent clogging, and since the cost for the upgrade is minimal, it may be a good idea, especially if the bathroom gets a lot of use. The only time you may not be able to upgrade is if the framing does not have enough for it.


What is your style? Do you want bright lights or moodier ones? What about natural light? Recessed lighting in the ceiling has become a popular option, since it takes up no head space but is also bright. You can also include some lighting in the shower.

Another thing you should think about is how the lighting pairs with the bathroom mirror. Most people do more than brush their teeth at the bathroom sink. Some shave. Others apply makeup. Choosing functional lighting with a decent brightness will make your mornings a lot easier.


As obvious as it may sound, budgeting is integral and should not be overlooked. Without a planned out budget, you could spend more than anticipated. Account for every expense, including the cost of hiring professional plumbers and electricians. If you plan on installing natural stone tiles or accents, you will want to include the labor costs. Once you have figured out the design plan and what needs to be done, you can then go shopping.

When hiring a contractor, be sure to check online and see which contractor gives you an estimate that fits the budget. Be wary of those who give you a price that is too low or too high. You will have to research some average prices in your location to be able to judge that.

The budget should also include the price of every fixture and material that is going into your bathroom remodeling. Do not overlook even the smallest expense, because it all adds up.


Another thing to keep in mind before remodeling a bathroom is the size. The space you have determines how much you can do. Sure, you can increase the size of the bathroom by taking out a wall, but will that fit into your budget? The size also determines how much of what you envision for your remodeled bathroom is going to fit. Measure the space—the height, width, and length. Also, measure the places where you plan on putting equipment. Is the toilet going to fit where you want it? Is there enough room between the sink and the toilet? Will the door have enough space to open?

Height is also important. You might be installing accessories, like lighting fixtures or cabinets, that need to be at the right height in order to function properly.

Layout & Design

Once you have thought over things like your budget and the amount of space you have, you may also want to think about the overall design. Think about all of the elements that will fill the desired layout of the bathroom including the tiles, sink style, shower or bathtub (or both), knobs, cabinets, drawers, towel holders, decorations, knobs, paint color, and other things.

If you are doing this bathroom remodel to sell your house, then personalization matters less. You can choose a clean, modern design that incorporates plenty of storage space, lighting, and neutral colors. Keep in mind that, while bathrooms have decent ROI during sales, you only need to do mid-range remodeling.


Changing the floor in the bathroom is a significant step. You might decide that you like your current flooring, especially if it is already of high quality. That will save you some money, at least. However, if you plan on swapping out the flooring, you should consider materials that are bathroom-friendly.

Choose something that will offer plenty of traction, especially if those tiles are going to carry over to the shower space. Smaller tiles work well in the shower, while larger tiles are more decorative. Also, make sure the flooring you choose is resistant to water.

Final Thoughts

Before diving into any bathroom remodeling, sit down and do a little research on what to expect. Your goals for the remodeling will ultimately decide the outcome, but you should consider factors like plumbing, lighting, flooring, your budget, and the overall layout and design. Keep such things in mind, and you are well on your way to having a bathroom that is modern, chic, and tasteful.

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