How Do I Pair Countertop Colors with Dark Cabinets in Pennsylvania?

Ever played with the thought of dark color cabinets? You may wonder how you would pair your countertop colors with them. White kitchen cabinets and countertops continue to dominate the American landscape and have for decades, but if you’d like to bring a change of pace to the home, you might read our guide to learn more about how to pair dark cabinets with your countertops.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets and White Countertops

Dark kitchen cabinets offer a contrast that suits modern and traditional tastes. You might take dark cabinets and light countertops to prevent feelings of claustrophobia. When you put too much dark in the kitchen, it can make it feel compact. Along with white countertops, you might choose to paint the walls with a lighter hue like gray. This choice has a tasteful appeal that follows a popular trend of today.

Dark Cabinets And Gray Countertops

Gray countertops turned trendy in the early 2010s. Even today, homeowners think of it as a reliable choice. Gray has less contrast than white or black, and it works with many colors due to the undertone. This color falls into the dark or light spectrum without a problem.

Keep in mind that with any kitchen where you pair dark cabinets with other colors, you must create a harmonious balance. You must start this project with care because you don’t want the room to have a cave-like feel at the end.

Dark Cabinets When Paired with Yellow, Light Gold, or Light Brown

Countertops that sport a golden hue have always been seen in the market as luxurious. At the same time, it creates a warm and inviting feeling in the home. You can modify this choice a bit so that it fits your tastes. Granite as a material has a uniform pattern, and each part of it offers a unique and natural beauty.

Dark Wood Cabinets with Unique Stone

Generally speaking, dark cabinetry will look good with light countertops. You want it with either a lighter countertop or you want it with neutral undertones for your countertop. This choice offers rich swirls of gold and red. While you don’t need to use the same counter, you should look for granite that has veining in it to achieve this effect.

The veining in the stone will make each piece unique. Strong veining can create a dramatic effect in the kitchen.

Dark Cabinets with Marble

Marble will always induce feelings of high-end luxury. For decades, homeowners have sought it as one of the most treasured countertop materials. Especially if you would like a luxury feel with a modern flair, marble countertops do the trick. As a side note, instead of marble, you could choose the veiny quartz route. Just understand before you buy it how marble will require more maintenance. You should clean your marble countertops daily as a way of ensuring that they will continue to look their best.

Before you use a cleaning product, check the label ahead of time to make sure that they made it for stone. Unfortunately, many homeowners have learned the hard way after a cleaning product ruined their marble countertops.

Blending Dark Cabinets with Light Tan

Dark cabinets and light tan countertops can make the whole kitchen bristle with elegance. If you choose this option, check to see that you pick the right tile flooring as well. It works especially well with white or tan white glazed tiles. You can buy tan-colored countertops, and they will match almost any dark-colored cabinet that you choose.

Because the countertops will have a yellow undertone, they pop with the dark-colored cabinets.

Butcher Block with Dark Cabinets: What Happens

Many times, butcher block countertops will look very country-style or rustic. When you pair butcher block countertops with dark cabinets, it looks ultra-modern, but if you put them up alongside white or light wooden cabinets, they will have another effect. Light butcher block countertops do especially well with green, blue, or black.

The people who should choose this are those who would like to add extra texture to their kitchen.

Take Tone on Tone as the New Look

When you go to Google “granite companies nearby,” you might consider the monochromatic style that takes tone on tone. For example, if you chose black cabinets, match them with black countertops. On the other hand, if you choose dark green cabinets, match them with dark green countertops. Just beware of adding too much wood into the kitchen.

If you have cabinets with dark wood, forget about this style because too much wood will create an undesirable heavy effect in the kitchen. This choice will ultimately add a bit more depth to the kitchen to make it more intriguing. Whatever choice you make, weigh your options carefully to ensure that you get the right pairing for your kitchen.


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