Top 4 Benefits of Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are bound to add an air of prestige and elegance to any home. Nothing is like the beauty of natural stone, and it is difficult to duplicate the unique colors and patterns present in every piece of marble. If you have been considering marble countertops for your kitchen or elsewhere in your home, these points have no doubt been major selling points. Now, here are 4 benefits of marble countertops to convince you that it would be a wonderful decision:


Timeless Appeal

Marble has always been a choice of luxury throughout history. No other material comes close to true marble. Marble is available in many colors like black, yellow, green, and rose, but the two most popular are shades of white known as Calacatta and Carrara. The former is predominately white with dark veins, while Carrara is slightly more gray. The main distinction is that the latter is more affordable than other types of marble, yet it still looks classic, luxurious, and expensive.


Marble is also appealing because every slab is unique. No two pieces of natural marble are the same. The coloring of marble is dependent on the minerals that were present when it started forming. Even if you look at individual slabs of marble from the same quarry, you will find that the veining varies.


Heat Resistance

Natural stone countertops like granite and marble have one major advantage over cheaper options, like laminate counters, that is a selling point: heat resistance. Marble tends to stay cool, which is why those who love to bake tend to use marble in their kitchens. But, you can also take a hot pan out from the oven and set it directly on your marble countertop, because marble does not transfer heat. The stone will not burn or melt.


That said, you cannot leave a hot pan or pot on the counter for too long, because the marble can still crack, or the finish protecting the stone could get damaged. Therefore, as with all stone countertops, while the heat resistance is indeed an advantage, using a protective trivet is still a good idea.


Durable & Long-Lasting

Sure, marble may require a bit more maintenance than other types of stone, but that doesn’t make it any less durable. There is a reason marble was chosen as a material for some of the longest standing pieces of architecture and sculpture. After all, the Lincoln Memorial, Taj Mahal, and the Parthenon were all constructed of marble. Stone is naturally resistant to scrapes and scratches, and it can hold a considerable amount of weight.


In other words, the durability of marble makes it a fantastic investment, especially if you plan on staying in your home for the rest of your life and want to use the kitchen often.



Easily Cut & Shaped

Although marble may be durable and timeless, it is softer than quartz or granite. That means you can do one thing with marble that you can’t with other natural stones—you can cut and shape it more easily. In terms of fabrication, this is a great thing. You get more options for edging and detail with marble. For example, you can choose between edge profiles like straight, demi bullnose, bullnose, or bevel. You might want arches and curves curt into the countertop to make it truly unique.


A Few Cons of Marble Countertops

Now, marble isn’t perfect. It does have some disadvantages, but that does not mean you can’t have it for countertop in your kitchen. These are just some points to consider, so you can weigh your options better.


The cons of marble:


  • Porous
  • Can be damaged
  • Expensive


Marble counters will stain. That is why Marble Concepts offers special sealers that you can use on your countertops to keep them looking brilliant. As long as your marble is sealed well, it will endure minor spills. Grease stains will eventually fade away—as long as you care for your marble countertops correctly. Also, be aware that marble will develop a greenish patina over time. Some people love it, and others are less thrilled.


The bigger issue is scratching or etching. Marble is softer than granite or quartz, so it may get marked up. However, it’s the same as with sealing the marble to keep out stains. Use cutting boards and keep hot items from resting directly on the counter for long periods of time, and you should have no issues. If the scratching and etching becomes too obvious, you can get it buffed out by a professional.


Final Thoughts on Marble Countertops

The biggest thing to consider when opting for marble countertops is how you use your kitchen. If you love a luxurious kitchen and tend to use it often, then marble may be for you. More work will have to go into maintaining the brightness and durability of marble, but if you hire a professional team to fabricate the countertop and seal it, then you will have no problems.


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