What Countertop Color Looks Best with White Cabinets in Pennsylvania?

White cabinets have dominated the American landscape for decades as one of the top choices in kitchen choices across the nation. Those who choose this look will enjoy plenty of advantages, but you may wonder what color countertop to pair it with. What color countertops you choose will depend on the cabinet style as much as the white paint.

Why White Cabinets Stay Popular

White cabinets in the kitchen promote extra space. Whenever we see white, we associate it with cleanliness, and the space feels more inviting. You can pair white cabinets with a variety of styles that foster creativity and help your kitchen look its best.

The most popular styles to pair with white cabinets include quartz, slate gray, or stone countertops. You might install darker flooring such as darker wood flooring or stone to create a desirable contrast of color and bring extra depth to the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances look great in this environment, and when placed strategically in lighting, they can brighten up the kitchen even further.

Quartz Counters with White Cabinets

Lately, quartz has captured the approval of many homeowners and designers. You can add special finishes that will complete the style. Many experts say that quartz countertops will improve your home’s value by three to seven percent, but you need to keep a good overall condition of the home. Otherwise, quartz countertops will decrease the value because it doesn’t look right.

You can customize this style easily enough to make it look unique. Just keep in mind that with so much white in the kitchen, it shows dirt easily. You need to keep it clean, or it won’t look good.

Gray Countertops with White Cabinets

Before you buy, check out the available choices. You can buy gray in a variety of shades. The advantage of this color comes from how easily it pairs with white cabinets. Just check ahead of time to see that it will match the flooring. The most common materials used for gray countertops include granite, quartz, or marble.

White cabinets help with the color gray because it keeps the gray from darkening the space too much. Concrete countertops pair well with white cabinets, and while they have gained popularity in recent years, they may not be the choice for everyone.

Wooden Countertops with White Cabinets

Throughout the world, wooden countertops gained a loyal following, and they look fantastic when paired with white cabinetry. Especially if you would like a farmhouse style, then this would fit your tastes. In general, we recommend that you use lighter-colored wooden countertops to create a more relaxing and attractive vibe throughout the home.

Using the right tiles with this style, you can create a rustic style. Just keep in mind that if you wanted a more contemporary style, rustic belongs to the opposite of that theme.

Black Countertops with White Cabinets

The contrasting colors between light and dark can create a modern and chic appeal. Now, you need to put in this style carefully because you can do this one wrong, but the advantage is that it is easier to clean than some other choices. The contrast of colors brings a greater depth than with other choices on this list.

The most common materials that you would use for black countertops include granite, marble, or quartz. Google, “Granite companies nearby,” to see if you can receive assistance on this one. Marble Concepts is one of those companies that would be able to help if you called. We have done business in Pennsylvania for over 30 years, and we understand what it takes to create home masterpieces.

Dark Veined Marble and White Cabinets

For decades now, marble has defined the luxury market for kitchen countertops. To this day, it remains one of the most sought-after materials, and if willing to pay extra, you won’t feel disappointed in dark-veined marble with white cabinets. You can work with dark-veined marble in a variety of styles, some of the most popular times to use it include modern, traditional, contemporary, and minimalist. We would recommend looking for dark and deep veining to add extra style.

Dark Floors, White Cabinets, and Light Tan Countertops

You can create an interesting contrast with dark floors, white cabinets, and light tan countertops. The light tan countertops and white cabinets balance out the dark flooring while playing with the colors. The light tan color softens the room and builds up to the white cabinets.

Exercise caution when you choose the light tan route because some homeowners think of it as an outdated color, but you can still create a wonderfully modern look when you do it right. You can pair all of this with stainless steel appliances for an extra modern and higher-end appeal. This choice has the added benefit of feeling cozy in smaller kitchens.


White cabinets can be paired with a variety of countertop colors, which explains why it remains such a popular choice. Many color choices can complement it depending on the style that you’d like to create. If you’d like to make your dreams of updating your kitchen a reality, call Marble Concepts today. We have a team of experienced technicians who understand how to help our customers achieve the style of home that they always wanted. You can call us today at call 215-396-7393.