Small Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid Easily

Small kitchen remodeling presents a few challenges and is best completed by a professional for better and more timely end results. These tinier living areas tend to become cramped and look overflowing with clutter without enough storage spots. There are some common remodeling mistakes to avoid when considering a small kitchen remodel.

Always Make and Stick to a Realistic Remodeling Budget

The biggest mistake that most homeowners make with a small kitchen remodeling project is the failure to make and stick to a realistic remodeling budget. It is essential to plan well and research prices for desired building materials and other supplies.

In addition, the work of your chosen contractors must also be calculated. There are ways to keep the overall costs down without sacrificing on quality and desired function of your finished project result.

Avoid Doing Kitchen Remodeling Alone or DIY

It is smart to hire a licensed and experienced local building contractor familiar with kitchen remodels. Trying to do this project on your own can end up being a disaster. A seasoned and reputable general contractor can help you plan your project design details and investigate all options to save costs, time, and effort.

Failure to Carefully Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Working with a qualified home interior designer and a respected contractor helps homeowners stay on track with their budget limitations. These experts can also help aid consumers in the start to finish design planning in order to not waste time, effort, and money due to improper sequence of work step design plans.

Most contractors advise laying the flooring before installing new cabinets. Appliances should be placed last, but it is important to know the size and shape of these larger items to properly plan for their installation later.

Most interior designers and many builders today have 3-D design capabilities so homeowners can view their desired plan before making any final decisions.

Avoid Choosing Visual Aesthetics Over Storage Space for Kitchen Cabinets

Although most consumers will tend to figure in their envisioned design elements first, this should not be the only or first thing decided upon when dealing with a smaller space kitchen. These areas will need clever storage planning to keep the space from looking too cramped or cluttered when finished.

Consider these storage space ideas for small kitchens that include:

  • Making use of unusual spaces – floor to ceiling or vertical storage
  • Adding a smaller kitchen island with balanced storage
  • Making the most of cabinet spaces
  • Installing deeper drawers and adding a pantry

Not Creating Enough Kitchen Countertop Space

Most cooks despair when they do not have adequate countertops in their kitchen spaces. This is a huge mistake that is all too common. Carefully determine exactly how much storage space and countertop space you will need and plan accordingly.

Quartz and granite are two strong and gorgeous countertop materials. Look for granite companies nearby to get more detailed information.

Neglecting to Figure Out Lighting Soon Enough

More lighting in the kitchen and dining room spaces is an essential component in any small kitchen remodeling design. This often gets tacked on to the end of the project steps making it easy for the homeowner to skimp on adequate lighting changes.

Figure out what type and style of lighting fixtures and other lighting-related supplies will be needed to best suit your family’s usual routines. It helps to layer in lights for the best end results. Also plan on extra lighting that may be needed as you get older when vision may become worse. Proper lighting may help prevent accidental falls and injuries.

Types of lighting to consider include:

  • Overhead fixtures – pendant or chandeliers
  • Under kitchen cabinets
  • Recessed lighting
  • Night lights
  • Walkway lighting close to floor
  • Work lighting – over island or counter
  • Accent and/or mood lighting options

Not Ensuring Enough Electrical Outlets & Failure to Consider Plumbing Needs

Another critical portion of your kitchen remodel project is to ensure that you will have enough electrical outlets placed in the proper area they will be needed. This will require knowledge and experience and is best left to the professionals. Often, new outlets will need to be placed and wires run.

If you are planning to move your current sink or expand its size, be sure to determine whether your drainpipes will need moved or upgraded too. This should be determined at the beginning of your project. It can be costly to remove already installed flooring or cabinets just to reroute the water lines that were not thought about until late in the project.

Overwhelming Your Small Kitchen Space & Cramping Layout Aisles

Small kitchens can look and feel overwhelmed and cramped if the furniture, cabinets, and appliances are too big or bulky for the space. You may have to scale down on size for items like a kitchen or dining room table, larger kitchen appliances, and even kitchen island size or counter space.

There are many appliance and furniture manufacturers who make smaller versions of these items that work better in small kitchens.

Failure to Install Overhead Ventilation and/or Not Installing a Backsplash

Many homeowners fail to install the right overhead ventilation over a range of other cooking appliances. This is essential to ensure that smoke and odors do not overpower the space at every meal. Not having enough ventilation also makes your kitchen become too hot and can cause increased water damage due to the condensation from steam.

A backsplash that is scaled down in size can be a terrific way to add personal style and will provide protection of the wall when cooking. These can be created with a wide variety of materials, patterns, and color combinations.


A small kitchen can be transformed and made beautiful by remodeling some of the dated features. This is one of the most common home improvement projects today. Scaling down certain items in the space can help to balance the overall look and keep the area from feeling too cramped and overwhelmed.

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