Modern Kitchen Design and Tips to Follow During a Remodel

Many homeowners today long for a stylish and modern kitchen that still offers lots of functional use features. Contemporary kitchens are not only beautiful and sleek, with clean lines and a minimalist design style, but they can also provide lots of personalized charm and incredibly convenient storage spaces to hide away all the everyday clutter that most kitchens have on a regular basis.

Discover some expert modern kitchen design strategies along with some practical tips to follow during a kitchen remodel.

What Exactly Is a Modern Kitchen These Days?

Most individuals realize that a modern kitchen tends to have a minimum of fuss and little to no clutter. Neutral color schemes dominate with a bold or subtle complimentary hue contrast that can include bursts of nature-inspired shades as well.

The modern kitchen these days continues to be a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. These contemporary kitchen spaces are often favored for their neat and personalized storage space options. Modern kitchens can still be fully functional and personalized to suit each family or individual exactly.

Modern Kitchen Spaces Feature Smooth Lines & a Minimalist Design Approach

Although part of the allure of modern kitchen spaces is a design scheme that is best described as minimalist featuring smooth and clean architectural and other design element lines, it is possible to add warmth and personal touches to keep the look from being too stark or industrial.

Most top interior design artists are using subtle or bold pops of colors that are usually found in nature along with added texture details too for visual depth and interest.

10 Basic Elements to Include When Designing a Modern Styled Kitchen

Your kitchen space should suit your cooking needs and family purposes as closely as possible for the greatest satisfaction. The kitchen is generally a family gathering spot and a place to entertain and whip up special family recipes along with enjoying pleasant conversation with those you love the most.

Here are 10 basic modern kitchen design elements and smart tips to follow during your kitchen remodel.

1. Choose Streamlined Countertop Materials That Are Low Maintenance & Durable

The countertop surfaces in most home kitchens take up a lot of visual and real space. The mark of a modern kitchen includes streamlined countertops made of sturdy and durable materials that are low maintenance and easy to keep clean and neat.

Granite is a popular countertop material choice that looks stunning yet remains strong and can last for decades. However, more homeowners and interior design artists are selecting quartz for countertops instead.

This is due to quartz’s longevity and zero to minimal maintenance and upkeep requirements along with its exquisite beauty and resiliency over time.

Find granite companies nearby to view inventory options and garner design ideas.

2. Use Neutral Shades with Pops of Vibrant Hues & Select a Complementary Color Contrast

In the past, most modern styled kitchens tended to be rather stark with white walls and a rather boring palette of colors if any at all. Today’s contemporary kitchens tend to add some subtle color accents along with nature-inspired touches and color selections.

Simply pair a neutral-toned kitchen space with vibrant hues in small increments to achieve the modern design concept without going overly dramatic. Think of sage or moss greens, sea-colored blues, or warmer notes of beige or grey.

3. Pick Sleek Finish Cabinets with Little Adornment & Plenty of Custom Storage Places

Your choice of kitchen cabinets can play a huge role in how the space will look and feel. Select sleeker finished cabinet doors and keep any adornments basic or keep the door front flat.

The cabinets should be customized to include a spot for storing all your kitchen-related items. This helps to keep your kitchen tidy and ready for use. Those custom spaces will make everyday kitchen cleanup easier and faster.

4. Consider Matte Finished Metal Hardware

If you desire hardware anywhere in your contemporary kitchen, try to choose matte finish materials like pewter or bronze to keep distractions minimal.

5. Upgrade Kitchen Appliances That Feature High-Tech Smart Features

It is a simple matter to upgrade older kitchen appliances that look dated and lack the many fine features that more modern appliances have. Many of the newest kitchen appliances provide smart features that can be hooked into your home Internet system.

Newer appliances tend to be more energy efficient which may lower monthly utilities as an added bonus. Many appliance manufacturers these days also offer eco-friendly kitchen appliances too for earth-conscious consumers.

6. Consider Installing a Gorgeous Tile Backsplash as a Focal Point

Some homeowners have shied away from modern design elements in their kitchen areas due to the lack of color that can look institutional and/or cold. Many have found that installing a gorgeous tile backsplash can provide a beautiful focal point while adding ambiance and warmth to the space.

It is best to go with lighter floors when using color or patterns on a wall or other larger area to keep the modern design simple.

7. Include a Pantry & Consider Floating Shelves & More Drawers for Storage

Installing a pantry can help keep food and other kitchen staples are hidden from view. Try installing floating shelves and more drawers for increased storage and ease of access.

8. Create a Multi-Use Kitchen Island to Create a Workstation & Add Seating

Most modern kitchens these days focus on the creation of one or more workstations which is crucial for multiple cooks. More designers are creating multi-use kitchen islands that can be custom-made to fit any space and can include extra seating as an added enticement.

Kitchen islands can include a sink, dishwasher, and extra storage spaces and can be fashioned to make an immediate design statement that suits your style tastes perfectly.

9. Increase Natural Sunlight with More Windows & Glass

More interior designers are installing more windows into the kitchen and dining area spaces. These can be larger glass panes, skylights, or smaller accent windows. Try installing glass-fronted kitchen cabinet doors. Adding floating shelves made of glass and metal or wood further helps to reflect light and promote spaciousness.

10. Add Statement Light Fixtures & Layer Various Lighting Elements

Make a statement with your kitchen and dining area lighting fixtures to increase the drama, beauty, and light levels. Install several pendant lights over a kitchen island, or hang a larger light fixture over top of a table to instantly captivate the eye and impress your guests favorably.


Creating a better organized and spectacular modern kitchen using the above-mentioned design tips can give you your dream kitchen and dining space that is functional as well as ultra-stylish. Contemporary kitchens may also include personal touches that help to make the space warm and welcoming. Learn more by contacting Marble Concepts.

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