What Is The Best Kitchen Countertop Material?

Kitchen countertops take a lot of abuse throughout the years. You may even have a soft spot for some of the scratches and stains that are on it. Yet, others will definitely notice. Whether you are planning on renovating the kitchen for yourself or plan on selling your home and moving, having high-quality, durable kitchen countertops can improve much more than the value of your home.

A new kitchen countertop can transform the space into something modern and elegant. The challenge is choosing the correct countertop material for the kitchen. There are plenty of types, but only a select few are going to match functionality and durability with value.

To help you choose, we have listed several of the best kitchen countertop materials. Let’s have a look.



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People seem to brighten up at the mention of quartz countertops. Despite being engineered, quartz has the same advantages of style and durability as granite or marble. But the benefits of quartz does not stop there. Because quartz does not come from a quarry, it has none of the imperfections of natural stone. There are no seams after installation. You can also pick from a broad range of quartz colors and veining.

Another reason quartz is one of the best kitchen countertop materials is that it is nonporous, making it far more resistant to staining and scratching than other competitors. Plus, you never have to worry about sealing it. That low maintenance and durability will add a nice amount to your home’s overall value, too.

The only downside is that quartz is less heat resistant than granite. The color may also fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Butcher Block

Prefer wood over stone? Then you’re in luck. Butcher block is made of reclaimed wood. Oak and maple are the top choices, but you are not limited. You can also choose from an assortment of stains and finishes. Whatever you decide on, the countertops will add a cozy and rustic touch to your kitchen.

Upkeep is necessary in order to keep a butcher block counter from getting scratched and damaged. Markings can be sanded out, and the counter can be sealed to prevent liquids from absorbing. If you can overlook the need for maintenance, butcher block is a great option for those who are looking for renewable and sustainable sources for their countertops.

Butcher block is around the same price as quartz and granite, so you will not be saving much money on swapping stone for wood. That said, the level of durability and the visual appeal is something to be considered.


You may not have heard of soapstone, but it has become more and more popular recently. Soapstone is naturally black or dark gray and has thin white streaks. To the touch, it is soft and velvety, yet it is surprisingly resilient. Being that soapstone is resistant to stain, requires no sealers, and is nonporous, it makes for a hassle-free countertop.

You won’t have to worry about it looking dulled either. Though soapstone is prone to some scratching, a lot of people believe it adds character. If you don’t like the appearance, you can always buff the scratches out easily.

Because soapstone is dark and has such a rich texture, it works best in houses that are rustic or traditional. However, you can use it among contemporary kitchen designs as well.



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Even with options like quartz and marble out there, granite is still one of the most favored home features. The natural stone lends an eye-catching beauty to kitchens. People also love that it is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and durable. Granite looks wonderful in contemporary kitchens and even amid traditional designs, so you can feel good about your decision.

A few cons to granite include etching and absorbency. Lighter granite is much less durable than darker granite slabs. You will need to do routine upkeep and check whether the granite needs to be sealed. However, these disadvantages are quickly absolved if you wipe up liquids quickly, use a cutting board when necessary, and make sure you get quality granite installed.


In 2019, concrete countertops started trending, and the appeal hasn’t dwindled. Those who have never seen concrete in a kitchen might assume an industrial slab of sidewalk is all you get, but that is not the case. A concrete countertop is cast to match your kitchen’s aesthetic. The material is polished, stained with color, and even textured to give it a customized look.

The reason concrete makes for an impressive countertop is not for its looks. Concrete counters are durable and extremely resistant to cracking, chips, and scratches. You will need to seal it, because concrete is porous, but that should not deter you.

Choose Your Countertop Today

Revamping your kitchen or priming for a sale, a countertop is one thing that will boost the value of your home. Choosing the best countertop material, therefore, comes down to personal preference and return of investment. Whatever you decide on, whether you want to cool look of granite or the contemporary sophistication of soapstone or concrete, you have plenty of options. Look for the one that meets your budget but also suits your aesthetic.

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