Kitchen Remodel Pitfalls That You Should Avoid

Designing a new kitchen may sound like a wonderful and creative task and we would have to agree, it is a lot of fun! Saying that there are some common difficulties especially when choosing materials and designs that can make the processes a little lengthy and one that you will not find yourself wanting to redo especially if you are on a budget. Making sure that your new kitchen turns out how you imagined is what we are aiming to do in this article. Knowledge is key and making sure that you watch out for these common mistakes and pitfalls when remodeling your kitchen will save you a big headache down the line.

Aim not to waste space

In any home, you will want to make use of the space you have and not overcrowd the kitchen when remodeling. Using space efficiently and making sure that you are not wasting any useful space that could potentially be a functional area of your kitchen will help make sure that your kitchen is fit for use for the whole family. When remodeling your kitchen and creating design plans, imagine yourself using the kitchen. We would recommend that when measuring everything out and deciding where you want your island to be and your cooker placed you should always choose function first. Planning ahead for your kitchen to be fully functioning will save frustrations that may occur at a later date. Changing certain elements of a kitchen’s appearance at a later date may be a little easier than changing the layout.

Make sure to leave plenty of room to walk

We all love big countertops as it means that there will be plenty of space for cooking and using the kitchen without any worry. Watching out that your kitchen countertops are not oversized will save you trouble in the future as you will want to make sure that there is plenty of room when walking through the aisles of your kitchen, especially if you have an island. Allowing enough space for multiple cooks to be able to use the kitchen will make the room more functional and inviting. Making sure that you leave enough room for all appliances like ovens, Fridges, and freezers is also a very important element to consider when the measuring and design occur for your new kitchen countertops.

Going oversized does not work for every room

They say that when you have a small room, sometimes choosing very large furniture can make the room feel bigger. This is not the same thinking that you should apply to your new kitchen if your islands and cabinets are too big, the kitchen will become unmanageable and not as functional as it could be. The room will also look extremely crowded and not the most aesthetically pleasing if you choose to go for oversized islands. When an island is too big, it becomes hard to reach for belongings that you may keep in the middle of the island.

Changing the plan after the work has begun

Avoid avoid avoid, that is the main message we have for you here. Changing kitchen remodeling plans after the work has already begun will not likely cost you largely, not only your budget will be damaged but your time. There is also the added risk of complications when redoing certain elements of constructing your new kitchen.

Adding too little storage space

Planning ahead and adding storage when designing your remodel for your kitchen will help you out largely as a functioning working kitchen requires a lot of tools and appliances. Incorporating open storage, cabinets or shelves will keep your kitchen countertops clear from clutter or any heavy items that may end up damaging your kitchen countertops.

Not Planning enough money to be incorporated into your budget

When remodeling your kitchen, adding up the cost of each step will add up and it is best to prepare enough to complete the job. It is also best to plan to have a little bit of your budget saved just in case you need it along the way. Many people do not plan enough for the completion of their kitchen remodeling and this can slow your kitchen remodeling down or even leave you without a fully functioning kitchen for weeks on end.

Not following each step in the order it should be

Installing your new kitchen in a mismatched order will complicate the remodeling of your kitchen. For example, installing cabinets before the floors will potentially create problems that could occur in the future. The floor can lose the ability to expand and contract which will make cupping or peaking more possible. Installing cabinets before your floors will also make it very hard to remove the floor without damaging the cabinets if you need to in the future.

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