What Are Some Design Ideas for a More Social Kitchen?

At one time, kitchens were purely utilitarian spaces. However, these areas have become more social zones over the years. Today, you can find many design ideas that can take your kitchen from a pass-through room to the central space of your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to design a more social kitchen.

Consider an Open Concept Design

If you want to spend more time in your kitchen, think about clutter-free designs with handleless systems. These designs will help your kitchen blend into the other parts of the home. Along with that, you can make a better utilization of the space. Many home automation and multi-functional applications bring a more human touch to your kitchen design. Plus, these systems add more flexibility and convenience to the space.

Customize Your Storage

Storage is a big concern for many homeowners. You want to maximize your kitchen space and keep the clutter to a minimum. Consider creating a series of stations around the room. You can add a place to store cookbooks, a small pantry for small appliances, or even a wine bar for more socialization opportunities.

Use an Island With Stools

When you want a more social space, you need places for people to gather. A new kitchen island is a great idea. These spots can become the focal point of your kitchen and be the perfect place for friends and family to relax and enjoy great food. A kitchen island will also give you another place to store pots, pans, appliances, and other items. You might even find a spot to add some books or wine bottles. Also, a kitchen island will give your kitchen another area to prepare your food. You will definitely enjoy all the opportunities this extra space will provide for your kitchen.

Add More Counter Space

While you can add an island, think of other ways to increase space in your kitchen. Consider adding more countertop space. You can always use more room to store drinks, plate food, or prepare meals. An “L” or “U” design is the best option for those spaces with an island. Take a look at your kitchen and think about where you can add some more countertops. Consider incorporating a lift-style or pull extension to give yourself room. When you can increase the workspace, you can allow more people to interact and work in your kitchen.

Think About an Open Floor Plan

Since you are already thinking about a layout, the open floor plan is the ultimate way to create a social environment. An open floor plan will give you ample space that allows traffic to flow in and out of the room. Plus, these types of kitchens provide you with a clear line of sight where you can see everyone and everything happening in the room.

If you are not ready for a fully open space, you can incorporate half-wall shelves into the design. A wall or cabinet will give the illusion of open space, but it will still segment certain kitchen areas.

Select Durable Kitchen Materials

You will use a kitchen for everything when you have a space designed for more socialization. If you plan to entertain for years to come, selecting durable and long-lasting materials is important. Also, if you happen to have children, you want to add materials that are very resilient to wear and tear.

With that in mind, consider using quartz. It is one of the strongest materials in the world. It can handle all the daily activities without breaking down over time. Granite is another material that can last in the kitchen and stand up to your daily activities. Your countertops will see a lot of action, and you need a material that will meet your everyday demands.

Along with the countertops, think about stainless steel appliances. These surfaces can smudge, but you can easily clean the material. Additionally, stainless steel doors look great in a variety of kitchen designs.

Pick the Right Kitchen Seating Options

In addition to countertops and kitchen islands, you also want to select the right seating option. Stools, benches, and chairs are easily added to create a few social zones in the kitchen. These seating areas provide an excellent opportunity to socialize with your family and friends. You can add a small table with benches to gather with friends over tea, coffee, or other types of drinks. Great seating options will allow you to socialize and cook while your loved ones spend time in the kitchen.

Create a Message Center

Since your children will be spending plenty of time in the kitchen, you can create a message center or homework station. While you are making dinner, your children can get their homework completed. You need a few chairs and a table. Take the space up a notch by adding chalkboard paint or a shelf for books. All that can help keep your kids on track while you spend time with them in the kitchen.

Contact Marble Concepts for Your Countertop Needs

Designing a more social space is easy with the right help. If you want to add a more welcoming design to your kitchen, it may be time to update your current countertops or add new ones. Redesigning a kitchen is an excellent way to increase the enjoyment of your home, especially your kitchen area. We can help you find suitable materials to meet your family’s needs. Schedule your consultation by calling 215-396-7393.