How Much Space Is Required For A Kitchen Island?

Almost every home design website or magazine shows beautiful kitchens with islands. Interior designers say that nine out of ten customers ask about kitchen islands during their first design meeting. This is because a kitchen island adds additional storage and counter space. However, a poorly designed island or one included in a kitchen that does not have adequate space for it can be frustrating. These tips can help you decide if there is room in your kitchen for an island.

Clearance Space

The ideal distance for the clearance zone around an island is about three feet, or one meter. This allows you to have ample free space in your kitchen. However, you also want to consider the doors of your cabinets, drawers and the openings of kitchen appliances. One of the most dangerous features in your kitchen is the dishwasher door. It opens downward and, if it is too close to your kitchen island, it can become a tripping hazard. This is especially dangerous if you are carrying sharp knives or hot food. Try to keep the distance between the fully extended doors and drawers round three feet.

Customized Islands

If your kitchen is small, it does not mean you cannot add an island. You can create a custom island that works perfectly and still allows the necessary space to walk around your kitchen, open drawers and load the dishwasher. Consider adding wheels to the island so you can move it out of the way when necessary. A customized island allows you to create one that fits perfectly, like one that is narrow to allow for a galley kitchen or has an overlapping counter so you can add seating space without loosing floor space in the kitchen.

Multi-Use Island

Creating a multi-use island is another way to fit one in a small space. An induction cooktop can be added to the top of an island with storage space, a small wine cooler and seating area. This allows you to move the cooktop from the countertop, creating even more workspace in your kitchen. Just remember to keep the island in good proportion to your kitchen so that it does not overwhelm the room or make it difficult for you to move around as you cook.

A kitchen island can add storage and work space to your kitchen, but it is important to make sure you allow for movement around it. If you want more information about kitchen islands, contact us by calling or filling out the easy online form today.