What Are The Most Popular Kitchen Layouts?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where your kids do their homework, where you prepare the family meals and, often, where friends gather during celebrations. This is why you want to get everything right when you decide to renovate your kitchen. Today, there are many kitchen layouts that are popular among designers and homeowners. One of them may be exactly what you need.

Island Kitchen

Island kitchens have become extremely popular recently. They provide many design options and enhance other types of kitchen layouts. An island can be used as additional seating space or it can serve as additional storage. You can even add a cooktop or induction range to the island to free up space on the other countertops.

L-Shaped Kitchen

Perfect for families with small kitchens, the L-shaped kitchen makes the most of available space while still maximizing corners. The key to the L-shaped kitchen is to light up dark corners and use longer areas for meal preparation. The L-shape is great for people who like to cook in privacy, preferring to keep small children out of the way, whether to concentrate on the meal or to keep the children away from hot surfaces.

Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is simply a fixed island to your existing countertops. Some designers call it a horseshoe kitchen and it is similar to a U-shaped kitchen without a wall behind the counters. This design is perfect for those who want an island but don’t have the space in the kitchen to add one. The peninsula kitchen does have some limitations in terms of accessibility, but it is a good compromise if you are dealing with a small L-shaped design already.

U-Shaped Kitchen

If you have a large kitchen or if there are normally two people helping to prepare meals, a U-shaped kitchen is perfect for your needs. To create a functional U-shaped kitchen, your floor space should be at least 8×8 feet. Counters and workspaces are placed on three walls with the option of an island in the center. You can also separate the cooking and preparation areas while also creating an eating space so the kitchen becomes more of a communal area.

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