What Are The Best Marble Countertop Alternatives in 2022?

When comparing what are the best alternatives to marble countertops in 2022, it is best to aim for something that matches your lifestyle. Knowing what you want from your kitchen countertops will help you when making a decision about what material to choose. For example, do you plan on doing a lot of baking and entertaining in your kitchen? Then a more durable material like granite may be better. After all, marble tends to be a little on the softer side. The good news is that there are plenty of other materials, both natural and man-made, that can be a countertop alternative to marble in 2022.

Consider Granite As a Marble Alternative

Granite is an excellent alternative to marble countertops as it is also a natural material and therefore, very durable and beautifully made. Granite is typically igneous and made from a mixture of quartz and feldspar along with other minerals. Granite possesses a unique mineral composition meaning that it can come in many shades such as black, red, gray, pink, and white shades.

Here is a list of types of granite that you can purchase that are very similar to marble:

  • White Wave: White Wave granite is a white shade that possesses gray veins. It is very close to the appearance of marble when it is made in a matte finish.
  • Bianco Romano: Bianco Romano granite has a pearl effect that comes in shades white with gray, cream, and tan veining and flecks of burgundy.
  • Andromeda White: Andromeda White granite is available in a white or beige shade with lines that are light, gray-colored are described as wavelike patterns. Some pieces feature small black dots and are sometimes available with purple veins.
  • Thunder White: Thunder White granite is one of the most popular choices when impersonating marble. It is very similar to White Carrara marble with gray veins and black specs.

Here are some pros for using granite instead of marble:

Here is a list of cons for alternating granite instead of marble:

  • Granite is heavier to manage as it is a harder stone and therefore not as easy to work with.
  • Granite is more expensive than marble.
  • Granite is prone to staining.
  • Granite countertops will need to be sealed every 10 years.

Quartz is a Tougher Alternative to Marble

Quartz is a type of stone that is manufactured and therefore man-made using natural stone and resins to create exact colors and different variations. The stone itself is very hard due to the resins, making it a tougher material to use than marble and therefore a popular choice.

Here is a list of types of quartz that you can purchase that are very similar to marble:

  • Alabaster White: Alabaster White quartz is a pale white shade that has long, gray veins which make this quartz look very similar to marble, especially the marble shade called Calcutta Vedanta.
  • Cashmere Carrara: The Cashmere Carrara quartz is most similar to marble as it is light colored with very subtle gray veins.
  • Calacatta Vedanta: The Calacatta Vedanta quartz is of a milky white shade with darker veins that come in the shade of gray. The veins are more prominent and therefore do not replicate the subtle veins marble produces too well.
  • Fairy White: The Fairy White quartz is of porcelain color with sterling gray veins that are subtle in appearance.

Here is a list of pros for using quartz instead of marble:

Here are some cons to using quartz in place of marble:

  • Quartz is a manmade material and therefore less natural.
  • Quartz is not resistant to heat and therefore can burn.
  • Lighter shades of quartz can fade in the natural sunlight as the UV rays react to the resin in the quartz.

Is Marble More Budget-Friendly Than Alternatives?

This is a tough one as the cost of marble can depend on what kind of slab you go for, especially when picking its quality and if the marble is rare. There are plenty of colors to choose from which all have different patterns and vein colors, which can all affect the price. Not all marble will look exactly the same, because it is quarried throughout the world. A common color of marble that is used is called Carrara Marble which costs on average $45 per square foot. A rarer type of marble which is Italian, in the shade of black Calacatta with gold veining will on average cost $300 per square foot. This shows that the cost of marble can really depend on what type you are after.

If you want to find an alternative that offers the same amount of beauty but with a less extravagant price tag, you may want to consider limestone, Caesarstone, quartz, soapstone, or even engineered marble alternatives.

Are There Alternatives More Durable Than Marble?

Marble is a durable type of natural stone as it is heat-resistant although it must be handled with care to make sure that no damage occurs. Marble is a very porous stone and more prone to scratches, and etches and will need to be sealed in order to protect it. Granite is the same. If you want durability, opt for a counter that will not stain or get scratched easily, such as engineered quartz or slate.

Choose The Material That Is Right For You

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