Are Quartz Countertops Heat Resistant?

When it is time to replace your countertops, you may consider granite due to its durability and beauty. One of the most common questions asked about granite countertops is how heat resistant they are. With coffee makers, hot mugs, pans taken directly from the stove and small appliances like toasters that put off heat, this is a valid question.

Heat Resistance of Quartz

Heat resistance is a feature of quartz, but it is important to understand that because quartz is an engineered stone countertop, it includes resin fillers which are not heat resistant. Although quartz resists damage from heat, extremely high temperatures can cause damage to the resins. Most quartz countertops can withstand temperatures of 150 degrees or more, but how heat resistant the counter is will depend on the manufacturer.

Heat Resistant not Heat Proof

Although quartz resists heat, it is not heat-proof. Most manufacturers of quartz countertops recommend using trivets and hot pads in order to protect the countertops from damage. Quartz counters are able to handle heat from steam, hot taps and stove tops, but it is still important to protect the surface of the counter from high heat. Although it is not as heat resistant as other types of natural stone, quartz requires relatively no maintenance and is almost impossible to stain due to the resins mixed with the stone. In addition, it is very scratch resistant.

Damage from Heat

A quartz countertop that has been damaged by heat will show discoloration at the point of contact. If you notice a white spot on your counter, it has more than likely been damaged by heat. This type of damage can be difficult to repair. The whiteness is caused by melted resins within the countertop and any attempt to correct it could leave a cloudy spot on your countertops. Therefore, it is critical that you protect your countertops from heat by not placing hot pans directly from the stove on your countertop. You may also want to use pads, table mats and other heat protection items under appliances that may produce heat.

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