What Ruins The Shine On My Countertops?

If you have just had your brand-new countertops finished then you may want to gain as much knowledge as you can on how to keep them looking that way. Caring for your countertops from day one is the best way to keep them looking the best they possibly can. Preventing your countertops from scratches, stains or marks is the best way to keep your work surfaces from losing their shine. Knowing what causes your countertops to lose their shine means you can take the right precautions. In this article, we cover the most common ways your countertops lose their shine.

Excessive Weight

If you have purchased countertops that are made from hard-wearing material such as Quartz or granite, you may be surprised to know that excessive weight can actually cause your countertops to lose their shine and it could even potentially cause cracks. It is important to make sure that you do not place any excessive weights near any edges or joints as these are the areas that are particularly vulnerable to damage and will be difficult to repair.

Avoid Extreme Heat Such As Appliances

Not only can extreme heat cause burn marks on your countertops, but heat can also wear down the stone and cause your countertops to be less shiny. As stone like Quartz and Granite is not heat-proof, it is the manufacturer’s recommendation that you do not place any hot pans or cooking appliances on the stone as this could cause dark black marks that are permanent and can not be remedied or fixed. The reason heat is based on your countertops is that it can also quickly crack the stone. If you are wanting to use your countertops mainly for cooking, we would recommend that you purchase a chopping board in the same color as the stone to use as you please.

Avoid Placing Acidic Food On Your Countertops

If you have kitchen countertops that are made from marble, granite, or quartz, then you may be compromising your countertop shine if you use acidic foods or acidic products on the stone itself. Foods such as vinegar, wine, lemon juice, or tomato sauce can cause stains such as dark spots/etches on the surface of the stone that can be very hard to remove or remedy. It is always best to clean up any acidic spillages on your countertops right away with water to ensure that you do not compromise your countertop shine.

Do Not Leave Water On Your Countertops

Wiping your countertops with water is perfectly safe and will not damage your stone although you should not leave the water to build up into a mini puddle as this could potentially cause damage to the shine. As tap water is rich in minerals, this can cause white stains on the stone.

Chopping With Sharp Utensils

Scratches to your countertops can be easily caused by chopping food with sharp utensils such as knives. When scratches occur on your countertops it is very hard to be able to fix them, you would most likely need to replace the stone if you want your countertops to look unmarked.

Harsh Chemical Cleaning Products

One of the things that can make your countertops lose their shines the quickest is using harsh cleaning products that contain chemicals or acidic ingredients. These products are designed to kill bacteria but due to the residue they leave, the shine on your countertops stone can be damaged. Any cleaning product that contains bleach should not be used on any type of countertop stone, especially Quartz and Granite. If you see ammonia as an ingredient in your cleaning products, you should also make sure that you avoid using it on your kitchen countertops. If you do use these types of products on your kitchen countertops, they may lose their shine but they can also start to fade and create stains too.

The best way to clean your kitchen worktops that are made from stone such as marble, quartz, or granite is to use warm soapy water, as this is gentle enough to clean without leaving any nasty residue behind. Stone such as granite and quartz can all react to alkaline ingredients too and therefore any harsh cleaning product such as Lysol and Clorox should be used.

Treat Your Kitchen Countertops Gently And They Should Keep Their Shine

Purchasing a kitchen countertop made from a natural material like granite is a luxury purchase and therefore a purchase you may have to take care of to keep it looking top-notch. As granite is a natural material, it is extremely hard wearing but it is sensitive to the elements such as excessive water and heat. A lot of the damage to the shine of granite is done over a period of time by consistently exposing the material to elements such as acids, water, and extreme weight. By learning how to care for your kitchen countertops and applying this knowledge from the minute the worktops are fitted, you will be sure to get the full life from the stone. Any care instructions should be followed closely and may even be something to consider when you originally pick what stone you would like to make your kitchen countertops out of.

Looking for Marble Countertops?

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