Common Countertop Mistakes To Avoid

Are you looking to avoid mistakes with your new countertops? During a remodeling project, you want to boost the value of your home and enhance the aesthetics. Unfortunately, without the proper research, your renovation project could end up with undesirable results. Look at these countertop mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Countertops Are Important Elements

When it comes time to redesign your kitchen or bathroom, you need the right countertops. The renovation process can be complicated, especially when replacing the countertops. Even the slightest changes can alter the look of your interior design. Many homeowners want to choose the right countertop for their homes, but they don’t understand the basics of the project. You can avoid some common mistakes by keeping yourself informed and asking the right questions.

Here are some countertop mistakes you will want to avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Material

One of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong materials. There are many types of materials on the market. Unfortunately, some homeowners are not aware of all those options. When visiting a store or showroom, homeowners are often presented with a wide range of choices. All of those options can be overwhelming. For that reason, you may want to work with a professional. They can show you all the options and help answer any questions.

Before selecting a material, think about how it will work in your home. Countertops used on a frequent basis will need to be durable. Don’t forget about your style and budget. Choosing suitable materials depends on your requirements and needs.

Every countertop material will have some pros and cons. With the proper research and professional assistance, you can easily select the right material for your home.

Selecting Elements Separately

When redesigning your kitchen, you never want to select the elements in isolation. A renovation project is often not comprised of just one piece. When choosing the ideal kitchen countertop, consider all the components. The lighting, plumbing, and appliances play a vital role in the kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality.

When kitchen elements clash with each other, you could compromise the functionality of the project. With that in mind, you must be careful when choosing a countertop. Make sure you pay attention to those other elements in the space, including backsplashes, flooring, and cabinets.

Not Considering Your Kitchen’s Functionality

You need to think about how you will use your countertops. Every home has different needs and preferences. If you use your kitchen daily, you need something that will hold up to all that work. Kitchen countertops should be durable. Grease, hot pans, and knives could spell trouble for your countertops. It could be a huge mistake if you do not consider the material’s durability. Quartz, recycled glass, granite, and concrete are some of the most durable products on the market.

Think about whether you want to clean your countertops on a daily basis. A few types of countertops will need more maintenance than other ones. You want to choose a countertop that works and functions within your space.

Hiring the Wrong Contractor

If you want to avoid making a kitchen countertop mistake, choose the right contractor for the job. Make sure that the contractor has your best interest at heart. Choose to work with someone with great reviews from past clients and who can show examples of their exceptional craftsmanship. By looking at their past jobs, you can decide whether they have the skills for the project.

Don’t expect great results when you work with a shoddy contractor. You might be left with a countertop that will wear down and need to be replaced in a couple of years.

Forgetting Your Budget

Before starting any countertop project, you must stay within your budget. You cannot work on a renovation project without knowing what you can spend on materials and labor. Many kitchen remodeling projects are significant investments. Keep in mind that many of these projects run over budget to meet unforeseen expenses. When you set a kitchen remodeling budget, you will know what you can or cannot spend for particular components.

How much should you set aside for the project? You need to look at your finances. You never want to overspend to get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. With budgeting, you can plan out the entire kitchen renovation process and select the right materials that will not break the bank.

If you are facing uncertainty about your budget, work with an experienced contractor. They can help you find materials that will be within your price range.

Ignoring Other Cost Factors

Finally, you need to understand that there are more costs than just the materials. When hiring a contractor, you must pay for labor, ranging from $80 to $250 per hour. Some materials may need to be specially manufactured or cut for your home, adding to your costs. Don’t forget about recurring maintenance costs. Granite and marble will need to be resealed to help protect them from any damage. All that needs to be taken into consideration for your countertops.

With these factors in mind, you can choose the right countertops for your next renovation project. When you need help, talk to us at Marble Concepts. We have a wide selection of materials and an experienced team who can help you choose the right options for your home. When you need to find granite companies nearby your home, schedule a consultation by calling 215-396-7393.