Does White Quartz Turn Yellow?

White quartz is one of the most popular materials to use in modern-day kitchens, which is understandable as it has a classic and chic finish. Quartz is now available in a large variety of different styles and finishes which all differ in how durable they are. If you are deciding what quartz type is best for you, you may need to consider your location and daily kitchen use. White Quartz is one of the most elegant on the market, but does it stain and turn yellow easily?

Can White Quartz Change In Color?

White quartz can change color when it is stained due to an external factor. Staining is more common on white quartz as it is a lighter-colored stone and has more reactive resins that can strongly react to salts and chemical solutions. You may even find that if you live close to the ocean, your white quartz may start to yellow due to the salt that is naturally in the air.

When color change occurs in white quartz, it is often due to external factors caused by human interaction but it also may be a sign that your white quartz is poor quality due to being manufactured in a non-protective environment.

How Can You Best Prevent Color Change On White Quartz?

There are lots of easy ways you can prevent staining on your white quartz countertop, including small changes that will not break the bank!

Firstly, it is important that you follow all advised cleaning instructions that have been given to you at the time your white quartz was fitted. There are certain products that the white quartz will react to and therefore you will need to be careful about purchasing cleaning supplies. Upkeeping the cleaning of your white quartz will also help prevent dirt from causing any permanent staining issues.

If any food spills onto the counter, it is best to wipe the liquids away rather than letting it set into the stone for hours. Make sure that you apply coasters to any hot substances such as a mug of tea or coffee. These tips may sound very simple but are effective if applied daily to make sure that you prevent the longevity of the white quartz.

Why Does White Quartz Turn Yellow?

There are lots of different elements that your white quartz countertops are exposed to daily. White quartz is very durable but can be sensitive to certain ingredients. Here is a list of the most common reasons why your white quartz is turning yellow:

  • Overexposure To Sunlight
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Chopping Acidic Or Colored Foods
  • Candle Wax

1. Overexposure To Sunlight
Overexposure to sunlight can turn your white quartz yellow, especially if the sunlight is hitting your worktops every day for long periods of time. Sunlight can be one of the most common causes of your white quartz turning yellow and is one of the easiest to prevent. White quartz naturally has low abrasion resistance meaning that the stone will react easier to sunlight. Yellow stains caused by sunlight will not be able to be removed and therefore it is best you prevent them from the get-go. If the yellow staining has already occurred, you may need to look at replacing your white quartz.

2. Chemical Exposure
Chemical spills can also cause a white quartz countertop to turn yellow over time. Chemicals such as bleach and acidic components if used on your countertop can cause yellow staining, but luckily can be removed. This yellow staining develops when harsh chemicals contact the white quartz due to the chemicals being able to react quickly with the resins. This staining is preventable and also curable! It is best to contact a professional to prevent the yellow staining from turning to an orange shade. You can also use home remedies such as using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, although we would recommend always checking with a professional first.

3. Chopping Acidic Or Colored Foods
When your white quartz countertop is exposed to acidic substances like acidic foods, the white quarts can start to stain on the top layer and turn a yellow color. Acidic foods like lemons, oranges, and tomatoes should always be chopped on a chopping board in order to protect the white quartz. Just like chemical yellowing, acidic yellow to your white quartz can be removed with home remedies.

4. Candle Wax
Surprisingly, wax drips when burning candles can be extremely damaging to your white quartz countertops and can lead to difficulty removing yellow staining. If you are burning any kind of candle, using a tray under the candle to catch the wax drips would be the best way to prevent staining. It is not impossible to remove yellow staining on your white quartz that has been caused by wax drips but we would recommend using a professional to make sure that the removal is done correctly.

Carefully Upkeep Your White Quartz To Stop It from Turning Yellow

Quartz is one of the most durable materials which has longevity within your home. The easiest way to care for your white quartz is to take simple preventative steps when protecting your quartz from external factors. Using a clear coat on your white quartz can also help protect against resin reaction. Call in Marble Concepts to cut and install your stunning quartz countertops today. Get your kitchen or bathrooms renovated with quartz today. Give us a call at 215-396-7393 today to learn more.