Oven Cleaner On Kitchen Countertops: What Can Go Wrong?

It is hard to imagine using oven cleaner on anything but the interior of an oven and using it on most any countertop could be asking for trouble, as there is a lot that can go wrong. Most countertops are not meant to experience the harsh realities and chemical combinations that are part of the ingredient makeup of oven cleaner, and if it is used on countertops, there are going to be problems.

Granite Countertops and Oven Cleaner

With granite countertops oven cleaner would damage its color to such a point that it would be irreparable. The same would be true whether the granite was polished, honed or leathered. Other harsh chemicals should be avoided, like abrasive type cleaners and pads, as well as ammonia and bleach.

If a homeowner really wants to keep their granite countertops clean, they will use warm water and a little non-citrus liquid dish detergent, or a cleaning kit specifically made for granite. More in depth cleaning to remove oil stains or spotting can be taken care of with baking soda, corn starch and a little water. Simply make a small mound or poultice of the baking soda or cornstarch and place it on the marks to be removed. The poultice should be covered with a plastic type of wrap and allowed to remain in place for a day or two.

Quartz Countertops and Oven Cleaner

Since quartz is an engineered stone and is comprised of mostly quartz and a mixture of pigments, polymers and resin, the effects of oven cleaner use are going to result in surface damage and discoloration. The polymers contained within the resin will advance the damage when the oven cleaner chemicals meet up with the polymers.

Cleaning quartz countertops is not that difficult as they can be maintained with a specific quartz kit cleaner or they can simply be wiped with mild soap and water. When spills dry on quartz, a sponge that is made for non-stick cookware can be used, along with soap and warm water. If grease spills or splatters occur, a mild degreasing product will quickly alleviate any messes. Any more permanent stains, like felt tip pen marks can be removed with stain removers designed for the problem.

Most stone countertops, like granite and quartz, don’t require harsh cleaners to keep them clean. They are easily maintained without the use of harsh cleaning products, like oven cleaner and other caustic products. Those products should be avoided at all costs. If you are concerned about how to clean natural stone countertops, or just have questions in general, complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with the information you need to safely care for your countertops.