Does Leathered Granite Cost More?

Leathered granite is something new to consumers who are more accustomed to polished, high gloss finishes with granite, or even matte or honed stone finishes, which are flatter and smoother looking in appearance. Leathered granite is something different. So, what are the differences with leathered stone, and does it cost more?

What Is Leathered Stone?

Leathered stone has a texture to it that consists of a pebble-like consistency with tiny holes and cracks that are similar in appearance to aged leather. Textures will deviate with leathered stone slabs, as some will appear more leathered, while others will not be as pronounced in their composition.

With the different textural aspects of leathered stone, you have to wonder, how is leathered granite made, anyway? It all starts with a honed or matte finished surface, which is then re-textured with brushes that have diamond tips with different grit levels. The tips are applied across the surface of a granite piece to deliver a dimpled effect. Every granite piece or slab is different so each one will experience varying levels of indentation and textural aspects throughout the fabrication process. The leathering effect also makes the surface less prone to stains as the pores of the stone are closed during the process.

Why Choose a Leathered Finish?

Choosing a leathered finish is one of individual taste. The choice can also have quite a bit to do with the environment and design of an area. If a homeowner is looking for a more captivating, inviting and warm look, with a rustic twist, a leathered finish may be what fulfills the needs of the space and the needs of the homeowner.

Another reason to choose a leathered finish is to simply get away from the shiny and polished appearance of a more traditional granite surface. A leathered finish brings out the beauty and color of the stone with just the right amount of sheen as well as textural aspects that are missing in a classic granite piece. A reduction in glare and glossiness can be comforting and the leathered look coordinates well with almost any design and style imaginable.

Advantages of Leathered Granite Countertops

The advantages of leathered granite are many, and one that is appealing to homeowners is the almost effortless maintenance with leathered granite. The constant wiping away of smudges, fingerprints and remnants of food debris, which are usually part of a polished countertop maintenance regimen are almost nonexistent with leathered stone. In addition, a leathered finish is resistant to water and other liquids because of its non-porous nature, so low upkeep should be a feature that is appealing to most any homeowner seeking a maintenance free countertop.

Other advantages of leathered granite include not only its durability, pleasing texture and soft to the touch feeling, but its depth of natural color, which brings out the best in a granite piece and allows for creative design in a space. A leathered surface is also resistant to slipping and sliding, which works well with any of the areas of a countertop that involve water usage. Like other granite pieces, leathered granite has the attributes of resistance to stains, scratches and heat.

Is Leathered Granite More Expensive?

The cost of leathered granite vs polished granite varies and depends on a number of parameters that include the area or region of production, material availability, the selections available relating to styles, surface finishes, patterns with any additional costs of labor and installation.

Polished granite is not as expensive as leathered granite due to its more plentiful nature and popularity. It is more widely available from suppliers, which lowers its cost in comparison to leathered granite. As leathered granite is not widely used and is not as well known, it may require specific ordering and other essentials that can inflate costs.

If you are contemplating the use of leathered granite in your home and want to know more about the costs, or just have questions about the product, fill out the online contact form and an expert will get back to you with the answers you need.