What Is A Pencil Edge On A Countertop?

Choosing a countertop is a huge decision for your next project. You will have to consider the material’s color, style, and cost. Along with that, you need to select an edge. Are you going to choose a straight, bullnose, or pencil edge for your counters? If you want to know more about the pencil edge for your countertop, here are a few things to consider.

What Are the Different Types of Edges?

There are many countertop edges on the market. For your project, you can choose a bevel, chisel, ogee, bullnose, or pencil edge. The bullnose edges are the most popular options and have fully rounded edges. The half-bullnose features a more rounded appearance at the top that straightens out towards the bottom. In some cases, this edge can look like a pencil edge, but the half-bullnose will have more roundness to it.

For a natural look, you might want to select the chiseled edge. Those ogee and bevel edges will have a more high-end feel to them. Keep in mind that ornate edges will be more expensive than a pencil edge.

Also, think about safety and functionality in the kitchen. Any rounded edges are less susceptible to chipping. The sharper edges can chip more often than other types, and they can cause injuries if someone bumps into them.

What Is a Pencil Edge?

Now that you have learned about the common edge types, what do you need to know about pencil edges? This type of edge is a standard style. It gets the name because the edge resembles the side of a pencil. In most cases, the edge has a slightly rounded top, dropping down to a straight, flat side. Some versions of the pencil edge countertop may have a slightly rounded or beveled edge towards the bottom.

While the pencil edge profile is a basic style, you are not stuck with a simple design. Depending on the manufacturer, the roundness of the edges could be more prominent.

The Appearance of a Pencil Edge Countertop

There is usually a slight bevel between the countertop’s smooth sides. The standard pencil edge is straight, with a slight bevel on the bottom and a slightly rounded top. Yes, it looks like a pencil from the side.

Some manufacturers will make a pencil edge but call it by another name. These edges may be known as a single round-over edge. Eased edges and straight edges could be the same as a pencil edge. It all depends on the terminology that your manufacturer uses for its products.

What Is a Triple Pencil Edge?

Some people will refer to a curved, tiered edge as a triple pencil edge. In some showrooms, the design is known as a waterfall edge. This edge often has a more ornate design. However, the triple pencil edge is difficult to clean and can be tougher to install than a simple pencil edge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pencil Edge

There are many advantages of the pencil edge. Those other edges that have sharp corners are not safe for homes with children. Sharp corners on the countertop could lead to injuries. A pencil edge countertop will be a great choice if you have a smaller kitchen with tight spaces.

Pencil edge countertops are less prone to chips and damage. Also, these types of edges are not hard to clean. In addition to that, they are not as expensive as some detailed edges. These pencil edges are always easier to install than other ornate options. You can get a pencil edge in various countertop materials, such as quartz or granite.

Take a look at the drawbacks. Many homeowners love the simplicity of pencil edge countertops. These edges are affordable but not as intricate as other types of edges. While that may sound great, a simple pencil edge countertop would look out of place if you have a high-end kitchen.

Spills could be directed underneath the countertop and leak into your cabinets when an edge has a rounded bottom. In contrast, a straight bottom and round top would direct the spills to the floor. With the latter, it will make cleanup easier around the home.

Now that you know these details, you can find the perfect edge for your home.

Choosing the Right Countertop

Choosing the right countertop can be challenging. With so many countertop edges, you might need a professional opinion. The options can be overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the various edge types. Always discuss your needs with a countertop manufacturer or company.

These professionals will have samples of the edges so that you get an idea about what to add to your home. You never want to order your countertops without looking at a piece of the material. Remember that edges can vary from one manufacturer to another. You should always base your decision on what you like and what will fit the needs of your home.

Find the Right Edge for Your Countertops

When you need to find the right edge for your countertops, turn to Marble Concepts. We have a large selection of stones, including granite and marble. Along with that, we can help you choose the right details for your countertops. Deciding on the right edges can be tricky. With our assistance, you can help you find the perfect countertop for your next project.

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