What Is The Best Edge Profile For Your Countertop?

One of the choices you must make when you install granite countertops is the type of edge your counters will have. Edges of counters are often something we take for granted, so it may be difficult to determine which edge is best for your needs. This guide can help you better understand the different types of edges and help you choose the best one for your counters.

Classic OgeeClassic Ogee

The Classic Ogee uses a stacked look in order to create an edge that looks rounded and clean. If you want to elevate the look of a breakfast area or a kitchen island, the Classic Ogee, which is a premium edge, is your best option. The Classic Ogee can only be applied to the top horizontal edge of the counter while a Roundover is normally applied to the bottom horizontal edges to soften the look. The counter must have a thickness of at least one-and-a-half inches.

Basic or Full Bullnose

A Basic Bullnose, also known as a Full Bullnose, is fully rounded on both the top and bottom. It is one of the most popular options for granite counter edges. The Basic Bullnose works best when the granite countertop will extend past the cabinets. It works well in islands and breakfast bars.

Triple BullnoseTriple Bullnose

This edge is sometimes called the waterfall edge as it is a series of bullnose edges stacked on top of each other. If you are installing the granite in a large space, the Triple Bullnose will enhance the area or it can be used in a small space for highlight. If you are looking for a regal, distinguished look, the Triple Bullnose is your best option.

Polished EdgePolished Standard

Another popular option is the Polished Standard edge. The edges of the granite are squared and polished, creating a traditional countertop edge. This type of edge works well on thicker slabs of stone.

Half BullnoseHalf-Bullnose

The Half-Bullnose works well around sinks because there is little chance a bead of water will travel to cabinetry underneath. The top of the edge is rounded but it is square underneath. The Half-Bullnose actually seems to hide the edge of the counter as there is no real starting or stopping point, It is also recommended in homes with children as there are no sharp edges.

double bevelDouble Bevel

The Double Bevel is a premium edge that angles away from the top to enhance the look of the counter. The beveling also draws attention to thicker stones and enhances the natural beauty. If you are looking for an edge that is bold and stands out from the counter, the Double Bevel is your best choice. Light catches the stone differently at the top, on the angle and on the bottom so it creates a bigger impact.

Dupont Apron

The Dupont Apron, a custom cut, is similar to an Ogee edge sitting on a Polished Standard edge. The edging is ornate and adds a sophistication to the stone. It is also popular with marble countertops.

Dupont BullnoseDupont Bullnose

This edge works well in ornamental applications and is similar to a Triple Bullnose. Instead of being stacked vertically, the edge is more staircase-like. If you have a simple granite that you want to elevate, this edging works perfectly. It is also a great way to accentuate focal points in the area.

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