Choosing Granite Edge Profiles That Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

You have chosen your granite color, your layout options and design elements. You have decided on the perfect backsplash. Now, your contractor has informed you that you must choose an edge profile. After your “deer-in-the-headlight” look, you will find that the granite edge profile is the shape the edge of your countertop will have. Before you can choose an edge, you need to understand your options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Half Bullnose

The half bullnose edge is one of the most popular in granite countertops. It is similar to a waterfall, flat on the bottom but rounded on the top. It gives the appearance of no edge at all with a kind of flowing look with no stopping or starting point. It is safer than other types of countertop edge profiles as there are no sharp edges, making it better for families with small children. The bullnose emphasizes the thickness of granite and highlights the veining that makes granite so beautiful.

Big and Small Bevel

If you are looking for an extra dimension in your granite countertop edge profiles, the big bevel is the perfect option. It has a large angle that is then squared down, allowing light to catch it on an angle, reflecting more light and creating a brighter look to the room. Although the small bevel is the same shape as the big bevel, it is smaller and gives your room a more formal look than the big bevel. The small bevel is slightly more modern than the big bevel, but the big bevel brings out the veining in the stone.

Square or Straight

If you want a more modern look or prefer countertops that look sleek but simple, the square granite countertop edge profiles are the best choice in countertop edge profiles. The edge has a small rounded top and bottom with a flat edge in the center. The straight edge is perfect for contemporary designs and it can be used on both thin or thick granite. If you have a strong, complex-patterned granite, the straight edge will work best as it will not detract from the beauty of the stone.

Ogee Edges

The ogee profile is often an upgraded option, but is extremely popular. The ogee has a groove on a rounded bottom that truly formats the room. It can make the counter look and feel very heavy, so it may not be recommended for smaller rooms. The ogee has a classic look that gives your room a feeling of elegance from bygone eras. It can have a dramatic curve or be subtle.

These are just a few of the options available in countertop edge profiles. To learn more about the many edge profile available, give us a call today or complete the easy form online. Our friendly customer service staff can help you choose the perfect edge for your project.