The Best Kitchen Countertop Options For 2022

If you’re looking for trends in countertops, you’ve come to the right place. With all the selections available, there’s no reason to not find one that fits your personality and needs yet follows along with what’s trending in 2022. So, what are the latest trends in countertops today? Here’s a look at what’s popular and what are the best kitchen countertop options for consumers.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an upscale alternate choice to granite and more and more people are choosing it for their countertops because of its high resistance to staining. Though granite is still a viable option with its sleek appearance, durability, and strength, it’s also porous, meaning liquids can get to the underlying surface and cause stains and unsanitary bacteria buildup. Sealing helps, but in time it wears away and requires resealing at different intervals. If you want to know more about the differences between quartz and granite, consult with granite companies nearby where you live, so you can get a better idea of how quartz or granite can enhance your home and give it an updated look for 2022.

Quartz is a strong material and any problems with staining are minimal because of its non-porous nature, along with its resistance to the buildup of bacteria, which makes it altogether low maintenance. It’s no wonder that quartz is a countertop sensation that homeowners today love.

With its many color options, patterns, and finishes that can take on the characteristics of natural stone, 2022 looks to be a good year for most anything quartz. If manufacturers continue to improve this innovative material, it will remain on-trend now and in the future.

Honed vs Polished

The design movement in kitchens today includes the use of honed and leather surfaces that bring texture and tactile aspects to kitchen countertops.

With the resurgence of textured and tactile surfaces in countertops, we’ve seen a whole design movement come out of it. Why not consider using it in your kitchen? Both honed and leather surfaces can be replicated and applied to different countertop materials, such as marble, quart,z, and granite. In comparison, polished surfaces still have immense popularity because of their high-intensity appearance and easier care, but there are advantages to matte and weathered looks.

A honed finish is one that is flat or matte looking and has limited to no shine. The type of stone used affects the overall look, but the surface appearance is one of a limited sheen and a smoother surface. Honed finishes work well with different stone surfaces and the limited shine easily hides flaws or scratches when viewing the surface.

Leathered finishes have more recently made their way into countertop use. The appearance creates a softer, somewhat raised look that is not as glossy as a polished piece and there is a distinct feeling and touch with leather. The finish keeps a stone’s natural color, giving it a more sophisticated look rather than a flat matte look. You can more easily conceal any handprints and spots from water and other liquids on a leathered surface, which makes the finish appealing to homeowners.

Veining and Patterns Gain Popularity

Homeowners are seeking a bit more character in their countertops. Thankfully, technology is there to offer creative solutions. Today, countertops come in a wide variety of patterns unlike the plain styles of years past. Say goodbye to the round particulates of countertops past and hello to realistic veining.

Materials like quartz are resembling slabs of natural stone, like granite and marble. This involves creating veins in interesting patterns swirled into the countertop slabs. If you’re looking for more creativity with your countertops, veining and patterns add so much more than a plain countertop does. It’s easy to get an entirely unique look of patterns and veining of varying degrees.

Any of these finishes can create interesting combinations with other features in a kitchen. Whether it’s cabinetry, backsplashes, flooring, or walls, there are unique designs and styles available to make a one-of-a-kind kitchen countertop statement that’s different, plus your own ideas go into the design.

Regardless of what you choose, the selections are many and varied. You can add any variation to make your kitchen area minimalist with quartz that mimics gray veining or a lavish marble with swirling veins to make a kitchen area more elegant or even granite with its endless possibilities for a contemporary look. Patterns also add a slant to what you’re cooking or the many activities that go on in your kitchen. You can create the perfect visual background for your kitchen countertops to make the area fresh and exciting.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are another ongoing trend and a good option for 2022. Besides being durable, less expensive, and easy to maintain, concrete is a good choice for industrial, minimalist, and even updated farmhouse esthetics. A coat of resin adds to these looks and more.

Though installation of concrete countertops can be an arduous process, there is now look-a-like, in-demand, materials that mimic concrete and make for a faster and easier way to transition to concrete countertops. Even gray quartz can give you the same feeling with a bit more class. With the continued resurgence of industrial designs and minimalist styles, concrete, or the look of it, brings texture to a kitchen area and creates a distinctive look that requires little maintenance. Consumers continue to look for sleek designs that require less upkeep and time cleaning countertops.

Outdoor Countertops

More and more homeowners are opting for backyard kitchens and new countertops in 2022. They like the idea of getting out of the house and extending their interior kitchen area to their patio, plus it’s a good way to make use of a home’s outside space and be able to commune with nature in your own backyard. There’s room for entertaining both family and guests and integrating eating and other activities for everyone. Natural stone and concrete countertops work well in outdoor spaces as do granite and other durable materials. Take advantage of what the outdoors can do for you and your family in 2022.

Countertop selections for your kitchen or backyard kitchen in 2022 are many and varied. The countertop reviews given here provide a glimpse of what’s available to you through Marble Concepts. We’ve been in business since 1991 and have a wide range of stone and other materials available, plus we have the service technicians to help you with installations and other services. Call us at 215-396-7393. We’ll help you find the best countertop option that works for you, requires less maintenance, and gives your kitchen an uplift for 2022.