Marble Concept’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Backsplash

Installing a beautiful backsplash in a kitchen is a terrific way to add charm, warmth, and ambiance to the space. There are many different and gorgeous backsplash materials to choose from, and with a little thought and creativity, you can make your kitchen look extraordinary and a true work of art that has a style all your own.

Marble Concepts have some excellent ideas and tips for selecting the ideal backsplash material, design, and color combinations, as well as additional news on the latest trends and decorative patterns that the top interior design artists are using in their current design projects for 2022 and beyond.


Some Lovely Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Consider

  • Larger and higher-up reaching tiles for backsplash
  • Laser-cut tiles
  • Bigger focal patterns and pops of color
  • Unusual placement of tiles – like diagonal or geometric shapes
  • More textures and patterns – more multilayer neutral tones like greys, blues, and more
  • More mosaic and specialty tiles along with ever-popular subway tiles

Some Current Trending Backsplash Options

Many homeowners are copying popular trends of installing longer walls of windows, say along a counter, rather than a traditional backsplash for increased natural sunlight and a unique flair.

Also, trending is mirrored tiles and back-painted glass panels rather than individual tiles. Metal, natural stones, like marble, and exposed brick are all new concepts designers are incorporating into kitchen backsplashes this year. Wooden backsplashes give a more rustic feel to a kitchen.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Backsplash for Behind the Stove

The stove and/or range is where good cooks do much of their delicious cooking daily. Behind the stove, walls can get dirty in a hurry when frying with oils, grease, and other cooking ingredients.

While the backsplash that most homeowners place along the counter walls and other areas may do well with just about any pick of material for the backsplash, this region behind the range is one that should have something that can take the heat, moisture, spills and other daily challenges to keep your clean up time to a minimum and keep your backsplash looking stunning and like new for a very long time.

Here are some things to consider before deciding on your backsplash material and other characteristics.

  • Use a durable material that is heat and scratch-resistant.
  • Choose a backsplash material that cleans up well. Some options are glass tiles, ceramic options, subway tiles, porcelain or other material, marble tiles, shell and pearl surfaced tiles among others.
  • Select a backsplash able to withstand smoke, moisture, and other high-cooking challenges.
  • Use a good sealer on natural stones like marbles, granite, and others.
  • It is often best to select a backsplash material that needs little maintenance and care.


What Material Should You Pick for Your Kitchen Backsplash?

The material you pick will depend on the area of the kitchen you want the backsplash installed. It is possible to merge two styles if the colors and patterns are complementary to each other and do not overwhelm the space where they are placed.

A Few Great Advantages of a Tile Backsplash

Some advantages of a tile backsplash include:

  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Endless Variety of Design Possibilities
  • Affordable
  • Relatively Simple to Install

A Few Words About Grout

Why is grout important for tile backsplash areas?

  • This is necessary to ensure no leakages of moisture, steam, or debris. It also adds a nice contrast to the tile itself.

Care and maintenance of grout.

  • It is necessary to keep the grout in good condition. Not doing so can result in water leaking into the seams and potentially warping and otherwise damaging the tile itself. Grout can also harbor germs and mold over time.

A Few Key Benefits of Selecting a Natural Stone Backsplash

  • Authentic & natural in beauty
  • Considered a timeless material style choice
  • Care & maintenance tips are plentiful and cost-efficient
  • Quite Affordable Prices
  • Thickness Considerations (some natural stones may be sanded down to thin the thickness. This may be needed in tight kitchen spaces.)
  • Resistant to heat

Tips for Cleaning Off Stains

Natural stones, including, limestone, granite, and marble, are porous. Stains can get down into the interior stone layers. This choice must be sealed properly as directed to avoid this scenario.


Basic Interior Design Tips When Selecting Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Here are some important basic design tips for backsplashes that include:

  • Don’t go over budget
  • Use creativity
  • Design the areas around the backsplash too
  • Consider tile and pattern scale – small, medium, or large for instance
  • Shine and finish options change the look and feel of a backsplash
  • Consider a focal design that’s custom created – say behind the stove or overtop a sink
  • Carefully choose your grout and layout for originality
  • Consider a pretty mosaic tile pattern

What Is the Proper Height for a Kitchen Backsplash?

This will depend on where you install the backsplash and your style preferences. Traditional backsplashes in kitchens are 4 inches high. However, more homeowners and interior designers today are going bigger and bolder.

This could be a focal backsplash portion, say behind the stove, where the backsplash extends from the stovetop to the ceiling if desired. This can create a larger and more spacious look and feel.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Backsplash Blends & Complements Your Countertops

Using two or more design styles is fine as long as you consider where the styles will overlap and ensure a seamless and blended contrast that complements rather than clashes.


Can You Use Quartz as a Backsplash Material?

Yes, this is a durable, less expensive, and exceptionally lovely backsplash choice. Quartz comes in a wide range of patterns and color combinations to look like marble or granite even if desired.

Pros of Using Quartz for Kitchen Backsplash

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Versatile and can be customized
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Repels water and moisture, so fewer chances of germs seeping into the interior, unlike natural stone versions
  • Can be a focal wall or combined with other materials

Potential Cons of Using Quartz as a Kitchen Backsplash Material

  • Unlike marble or granite, quartz is not heat resistant. It is best not to place this too close to a heat source.

Compelling Reasons to Consider Stainless Steel for Backsplash in Kitchens

Stainless steel sheets are popular these days for kitchen backsplashes.

Pros of Using Stainless Steel

  • Tough and durable over time
  • Easy to fabricate and install
  • Generally low maintenance requirements

Some Cautions When Considering Stainless Steel as a Backsplash Option

  • This material can overwhelm a smaller space or a kitchen that already has a lot of stainless steel appliances.

Why Granite Can Make an Excellent Backsplash Choice

Many homeowners use slab granite for their kitchen countertops. More interior designers are using this material for the backsplash as well.

Some Benefits of Going with a Granite Backsplash

  • Cleaning is simpler since you clean them the same as your granite countertops – no grout cleaning is necessary
  • Granite in a backsplash gives a more uniform appearance

A Few Words About Height of Backsplash Options When Using Granite

Most use about 4 inches of granite for backsplashes traditionally. Today, we are seeing higher backsplashes and especially in larger kitchens or a focal wall, the granite backsplash can climb up to the cabinets above them for a seamless look.

Also, in more open areas, like behind a range, the granite can extend upwards higher and/or towards the ceiling if wanted. Search for granite companies nearby to get more ideas and information about granite.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few thoughts on kitchen backsplashes. Never has this trend been so much fun or offered so many different style choices. Just about anything goes, so you really cannot make a wrong decision these days. Get more creative ideas regarding backsplashes and more by contacting Marble Concepts at 215-396-7393.