Tips For Choosing The Right Color Countertop for Your Kitchen

In your home, your kitchen is one of the most important parts. The countertop is just as important, as it is both a utility and a visual aid. Naturally, you are going to want the best option for your home. Aside from choosing the kind of material you want, you must also consider the colors available. Some colors are trending right now and may be a good option if you are planning on selling sometime soon. Otherwise, there are some tried and true choices that are timeless. Here are some tips for choosing the right color countertop for your kitchen.

Trying Pairing Tones

Have you ever noticed how kitchens that are all one color tend to look crowded or feel stuffy? That is because there is no variety. If you want to add some visual appeal to the space, think about contrasting tones. This works for more than a contrast between the color of the walls and the countertop, too. You could potentially have a kitchen island with a different color than the rest of the counter space.

For example, if you have a standalone kitchen island, you may opt to have it be the same bluish-gray granite as the paint on the walls, while the rest of the countertop is white, balancing out the dark brown of the woodwork.

Use More Than One Pattern

Here is an option you probably never thought you had: you can select more than one pattern. Going off of the tip from above, consider adding one section of the counter that is bolder than the rest. This is an excellent method for developing a focal point in the kitchen without overwhelming the eye. For example, if you have white marble with black veining in the center, you could opt for the inverse (black marble with white veins) around the rest of the kitchen.

Choose more heavily veined or streaked materials then pair them with something less eye-catching.

Think About The Appliances and Accessories

One mistake that many homeowners make when investing in their interior design is the accessories and appliances. A mix-and-match kitchen where there is a blend of white, stainless steel, gold, and wood creates chaos. Instead, you should think of everything in your kitchen, including the counter, as a complement to something else. This includes the interchangeable rugs and hardware.

In short, if you are planning on using bronze or gold finishes for the knobs, handles, and appliances, you might opt for a warmer-colored countertop to bring out those tones. If you want a cool industrial vibe, grays, whites, blacks, and blues all work exceptionally well. Of course, you can choose opposites, too. White appliances and silver accents tend to look all the more bright when you have a dark countertop. Meanwhile, dark appliances and accessories are more noticeable when the counter is a light color.

Know What Doesn’t Go Out of Style

Remember those days when brown-gold granite was the most popular countertop around? Yes, those days, thankfully, are long gone. That is not to say that brown granite is no longer beautiful, it has simply been overused. But do you know what never goes out of style? White counters. Be it marble or quartz or something else, you can create a timeless kitchen that can be dressed up in a number of ways when you select white.

White is a naturally clean color that is simultaneously modern yet elegant. In other words, you could choose to paint your kitchen teal with gold accents then later swap out that palette, and the white counters would still work.

If pure white does not strike your fancy, go with a white marble that has some veining running through it. Subtle streaks of gray, black, or brown can add just a touch of intrigue to your kitchen and tie everything together.

Look at Samples and Swatches

Figuring out your personal style and what will look good in the space is important. Some colors will not do your kitchen justice, no matter how much you love them. Do some research on the variety of countertop materials and the colors available. Then request some samples to see how those countertop colors and textures mesh with everything else. You might find that the gray soapstone countertop looks much better than the white marble.

Samples can also show you how certain textures match up. For example, you might like an off-white counter with a semi-glossy finish. Check to make sure it works with the rougher texture of your brick backsplash.

Don’t forget to have fun and be creative with this process. Choosing the color for your kitchen counter should be a joyful experience, one that has you looking forward to the day of installation.

Complete Your Kitchen Renovation with Marble Concepts

In the end, choosing the right color for your kitchen countertop comes down to your personal style and complementing the other tones. By choosing colors that contrast or complement one another, you can design a flawless kitchen space that wows whoever comes to visit. Take your countertops to the next level by choosing a natural stone. Marble Concepts can help you decide which material and color are best for your kitchen, as well as fabricate and install your new counters to your exact specifications. Give us a call today at 215-396-7393 to learn more or schedule a consultation.