What Surprising Items Can Damage Your Countertops?

Once you install granite counters in your kitchen or bath, you want to be sure that the counters remain as beautiful as the day they were installed even decades later. Although you know you don’t want to drag things across the surface and you may be aware of what type of cleaners to use, there are some surprising things that can damage your granite counters, according to Marble Concepts.

Working with Raw Meat

Granite countertops should be sealed well to prevent bacteria buildup, so working with raw meat on the counter may not damage the surface, but it could result in the residue left behind that may lead to salmonella or other types of bacteria. Often, after people work with raw meat, they choose a harsh disinfectant to remove traces of meat from the surface, but this can strip the sealant and cause more damage. Instead, work with raw meat on a platter or non-wooden cutting board. This will ensure that not only are your counters protected, but your family is also protected from a foodborne illness.

Decorative Objects Containing Acidic Material

Those fancy bottles of balsamic vinaigrette you found on your last vacation may look beautiful on the counter, but they can damage your countertop. Acidic materials, including vinegar, citrus, and soft drinks, are dangerous to the surface of your counter. The same is true of perfume and lotion bottles on your bathroom counters as well as nail polish and soaps left on the counter. Store decorative bottles with acidic materials in cabinets in your kitchen and utilize baskets or other containers in the bathroom to keep your countertop safe.

Standing or Sitting on the Counter

Granite is an extremely hard rock, but it also contains veins as well as fissures that can make it vulnerable to cracking, especially with excess weight. Never stand on your granite counters to reach something. Do not allow family members or guests to sit on the countertop either as the added weight could cause the counter to crack. The same is true when it comes to bathing small children in your undermount sink. A child is heavier than dishes, pots, or pans which could lead your sink to loosen from the counter. This can cause gaps between the granite and the sink, encouraging the growth of mold or mildew as water seeps into the gap, according to granite companies nearby.

Spilled Oil or Water

Acidic materials are not the only thing that can damage your counters, Marble Concepts explains. If you spill cooking oil on the counter, you need to wipe it up quickly. If it is left on the counter for several hours, it can seep into the stone, leaving a spot that is darker than the rest of the counter. Although an oil stain can be scrubbed out of clothing, it is much more difficult to remove it from granite counters. Also, as odd as it may seem, water left on the surface of your counters can also cause damage. If water is not mopped up quickly, it can discolor the granite. However, water stains are a bit easier to remove than oil stains. This includes frozen foods as condensation can build up during the thawing process and cause a water stain.

Using Knives on the Counter

Too often, people believe that since granite is such a hard surface, there is no reason they cannot just cut up vegetables and other items directly on the surface. Granite is fairly scratch resistant but that does not mean it is scratch-proof. Using a knife on the counter can lead to tiny nicks that can harbor bacteria and could result in chipping in the future. In addition, the counter can also damage your knives.

Choosing the Wrong Cleaning Solution

When you install granite countertops, it is important to remember that the counter does not need the same harsh chemicals as other countertops. Usually, dish soap mixed in hot water is enough to sanitize your counter. Be sure to use a soft cloth to wipe down the counter and then a chamois to dry the surface to prevent water spots. There are commercial-grade granite cleaners available when you want to do a heavy cleaning of the countertops, but they sometimes leave a residue if they are not used properly.

Dropping Things on the Counter

Granite companies nearby say that one of the most common ways people damage their granite counters is by dropping something on the surface. Even something that does not appear heavy can damage your countertop, causing chips or scratches. Store heavy cookware in lower cabinets to reduce the risk of dropping it on the counter. If you have something heavy on the counter, use care when you lift it.

Hot Pans on the Surface

Although granite is hard enough to handle the heat, it is not recommended that you put hot pans directly on the surface of your counters. Although the rock itself has strong heat-resistant properties, the sealants used do not and they could weaken if they are exposed to hot pans often, according to granite companies nearby. Always use trivets and potholders to protect your counters.

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