Green Granite Countertops – Best Colors and Matching Ideas (2022 Edition)

Psychologists say that the color green hints at the human connection with nature. It is also a color that represents purity, health, and freshness. When people see the color green, they think of quiet moments, nature, and a return to roots which provide them with tranquility and calmness. All of these factors may be why granite countertops in shades of green are growing in popularity in 2022, Marble Concepts explains.

Exotic and Luxurious

One of the best reasons to choose green granite countertops is that they are luxurious yet exotic, something different than you might see in other kitchens or bathrooms. Green counters bring the calming feel of nature indoors. Of course, there are many options to choose from if you feel green granite counters are for you as you will find at granite companies nearby.

Del Mare

Looking at Del Mare countertops makes you think of stormy seas, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside your home. Although it is popular for counters, it also makes great fireplaces, accent walls, and waterfall islands. It is also a very durable option.

Emerald Pearl Green

A very dark option in granite countertops, Emerald Pearl is one of the most popular among green counters. The counters are luxurious and include sparkling black crystals. Because of the deep, rich color, your counters will remain in style for many years. Some of the stones may also have silver mineral flecks, giving them a metallic appearance. It is great with white or wooden cabinets with light stains.

Minsk Green

If you are looking for a lighter shade of green, Minsk is a very popular option. The white background has shades of green veining. Because the color is light, it gives your room a light, airy feel. The counter is available in honed, polished, or leathered surfaces.

Peacock Green

Actually, more of a blue-green color, this shade of counter gets its name from the bird it resembles. The counter has gold and purple veining, much like a peacock with its tail unfurled. The stone may also have flecks of pink on a dark base which almost looks black. This type of counter will work well with stained wood cabinets.

Seafoam Green

Developed from lava that flowed across the ground millions of years ago, seafoam green granite has a green pigment. It is found and quarried in Brazil where it must be hand-ground before the final finish. This unique look is perfect if you want a stunning counter in the room where it will be installed. This color of granite works well with white or light-colored cabinets.

Typhoon Green

Earthy and natural, typhoon green has a white background but green undertones. It also has gray and black veining, bringing a luxurious look to your kitchen or bathroom. It is one of the rare types of green granite and is more of an olive green with brownish tones. This granite works well with wooden cabinets.

Verde Butterfly

Verde Butterfly is one of the darkest green granite countertops available. The counters are polished to a glimmering sheen and will help you make a statement in your kitchen or bath. This granite counter, according to granite companies nearby, is a jade green color with a dynamic veining pattern. It works well with light cabinets.

White Spring

If you truly want a stunning and unique green counter, you may want to consider White Spring. This type of granite is often used in spas as it has a calming effect. If you want green counters, but also enjoy the earthy tones of granite, this is the perfect option.

Choosing a Backsplash

You want to choose a backsplash that will complement your green granite counter. Depending on which color you choose, mosaic tile works well. You can also choose a complementary color in a different stone, such as slate or limestone. Adding a white backsplash will also make your green counter stand out.

Flooring, Walls, and Cabinetry

When choosing flooring to go with your green counters, you want to choose something that is a neutral color. You may also want to choose something that is plainer so that it does not compete with your counters. Light hardwood or tile is the best match for your counters. Wall colors should also be neutral, such as white, ivory, or gray. If the walls are too dark, your room will appear smaller, granite companies nearby say. There are not quite as many restrictions with cabinetry, however. You can match stained or painted wood cabinets with green counters fairly easily. One recommendation is to avoid green cabinets, however, as this may make the room too busy.

Other Green Granite Tips

Green granite counters should be the focal point of the room, so you want to avoid any colorful patterns that will draw attention from them. Try to match the colors in the veining of your counter when you choose to paint, cabinet, backsplash, or flooring colors. This will bring out the veining of the counters as well. Keep in mind that darker greens will give the room a more sophisticated feel while lighter greens will give the room a light, airy feel.

Price of Green Granite

Because green granite is rarer than white or black versions, it is more expensive. The average price for three-millimeter-thick slabs is between $35 and $70 per square foot. Of course, the more distinctive and unique the coloring or design is on the countertop, the higher the price. For example, peacock granite costs between $50 and $70 per square foot. The cost to install the counters is similar to what it would cost to install other colors of granite. The type of edging you choose may also raise the price.

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