High-End Kitchen Design – What Makes A Luxury Kitchen

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? You may have heard about luxury kitchens, but what does that mean? These kitchens often feature top-of-the-line appliances and better layouts than traditional remodels. Here is a deeper look at the elements of a luxury kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Features

While all luxury kitchens are unique to their homeowners, they share similar design elements.

High-End Appliances

Appliances are essential in luxury kitchen designs. Many of these items are customized designs for that particular space. You will find double-door refrigerators, triple sinks, and high-tech ovens. In most cases, homeowners want to focus on technology and high quality. It is not uncommon to see some of the best brands in the business residing in the kitchen. For example, the best ranges include La Cornue, Bertazzoni Heritage, and Thermador. These appliances are beautiful and can show that the owner is serious about their kitchen components.

Use of Specific Styles

Some kitchen styles are more luxurious than others. Many of these kitchens will have a contemporary, traditional, or modern look. These styles lend to a more elegant appearance in a home, but you are limited to them. You can design a luxury kitchen in a farmhouse, rustic, or country style with a larger budget. The possibilities are endless for a luxury kitchen.

Custom Countertops and Cabinetry

Customization is key in a luxury kitchen. A luxury kitchen’s materials must be attractive, durable, and high-end. When many people redesign their kitchens, they must look at the countertops. While you may want to skimp on these details, countertops can make or break your luxury kitchen. Instead of choosing lower-quality materials, luxury kitchens will have granite or marble for the countertops and backsplashes. All of that can add visual interest to the kitchen and give it a more appealing appearance.

If you are redesigning your countertops, you need the right cabinets. Luxury kitchens also have high-end, custom-made pieces from expensive woods like ebony or cherry. These cabinets will feature intricate molding with high-quality hardware. While the outside of the cabinet looks great, the interior is designed with a purpose. There is plenty of space that adds functionality to the kitchen. All the cabinets are exceptional examples of expert craftsmanship and design.

Statement Elements

Luxury kitchens have many items that make a big statement in the room. Many luxury kitchens will have two islands for food preparation and eating. These islands are a great way to add more space and boost the luxury factor of the kitchen.

Range hoods are another spot that can get a luxury upgrade. Most standard hoods are stainless steel. A custom hood can be designed to match the kitchen’s lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware, and other kitchen features, creating design cohesion.

Luxury kitchens will also have stunning light fixtures. Most of these fixtures are essential for creating a custom design. Instead of a few lights scattered on the ceiling, luxury lighting elements are often hung in multiples for a more spectacular visual impact.

In most kitchens, the sink may be an afterthought. However, that is different in a luxury kitchen. Many times, the sink is the focal point of the space. A sink is the most used area in the kitchen. With that, these luxury sinks feature larger basins and high-quality faucets. Some luxury kitchens will even have specialty spouts for tasks, such as filling up a pasta pot.

Better Storage Options

All kitchens must be functional, even those luxury ones. There is one difference: luxury kitchens have plenty of areas for storage. You will never see a cluttered countertop or island in a luxury kitchen. These kitchens will have plenty of built-in spaces to organize cleaning products, spices, and paper towels.

If that wasn’t enough, many of these kitchens have a butler’s pantry for the ultimate luxury. This service area is just off the main kitchen area, which is a place to stow small appliances and other kitchen necessities. For many luxury kitchens, this option is a must-have.

High-Tech Options

In today’s modern world, more than a simple wall outlet is needed for most homes. Luxury kitchens have plenty of high-tech touches throughout the space. These items can include built-in television screens, charging stations, touchless faucets, and smart refrigerators. These options bring more connectivity and efficiency to the kitchen.

Customized Elements

Many luxury kitchens include appliances and elements that meet the needs of their homeowners. These kitchens can have an espresso station, wine refrigerator, built-in deep fryer, or brick pizza oven. Along with that, luxury kitchens focus on efficiency. It is not uncommon to see double ovens or sinks to help boost that efficiency factor in the space.

Exceptional Design Features

As previously mentioned, some styles are more geared toward a luxury kitchen. With a particular style in mind, many of these kitchens will also have metallic touches that add more glamor to the kitchen’s appearance. Ceilings in a luxury kitchen will also be painted or have custom millwork, giving that space a more luxurious feel. Finally, luxury kitchens use bold colors. Many of these spaces will focus on current trends, but homeowners often change them when those styles have fallen out of vogue.

Find Your Luxury Countertops

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