Choosing The Right Kitchen Sink And Faucet

Choosing a kitchen sink and faucet may seem like a simple task but there are so many options today, it can be a difficult choice. You want to choose a sink and faucet that fit into your kitchen décor but also fit into your lifestyle. Your kitchen sink and faucet will be a fixture in your kitchen for many years so you also need durability. These tips can help you choose the right sink that will fit into your kitchen and your life for many years to come.

Sink Material and Design

Today, you can choose from many materials for your kitchen sink. They are available in stainless steel, composite, solid-surface and enamel-treated cast iron. Some of the decision for what material to choose will be based on the countertop you choose due to the sink weight as well as your habits in the kitchen. Most kitchen sinks have dual bowls, but single and oversize bowls are growing in popularity.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most popular option as there are many affordable options available. They go best with granite or engineered stone clean-cut counters. Check the steel gauge of the sink as the lower the number, the more durable the sink will be. Stainless steel can be noisy but they withstand abuse very well. If you normally toss heavy objects into your sink, stainless steel is probably your best option.


Composite sinks are normally made of polyester and acrylic which allows them to be made in a wide range of colors. They are not as durable as other types of sink material and they sometimes have difficult cleaning requirements. If your budget allows for a sturdier type of sink, it is recommended that you choose that type over composite sinks.

Solid Surface

If you need a sink that is easy to clean and durable, a solid-surface sink may be your best option. The sink has a smooth surface and they are often integrated with the countertop which allows for even easier cleanup. You do have to be careful with hot pans as they can damage the surface and lead to chipping or cracking.

Enamel-Coated Cast Iron Sinks

Enamel-coated cast iron sinks give your kitchen an old-school appeal so they work well in retro-style kitchens. They are an excellent option over stainless steel but they are sensitive to scratching. In addition, they do wear over time so it is important to handle them with care. Enamel-coated cast iron sinks may also need re-coating periodically.

Choosing a Faucet

Once you have decided what type of sink you prefer, it is time to select your faucet. Often, faucets with a ceramic disk valve and created from solid brass provide you with the most durability. Cartridge or ball valves may need repairs periodically. Single-lever faucets work best in kitchens although dual-handle faucets are growing in popularity. As for finish, you have a lot of variety in faucets, you can choose from brass, chrome, pewter, polished or brushed nickel. If you use your kitchen faucet often, however, you may want to avoid brass as the finish is not as durable as other types.

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