When Should You Choose A Dark Granite Countertop?

Choosing a dark granite countertop depends on a number of variables. To begin with, the choices are endless. With all the colors and patterns available today, making a final selection can be confusing, and a hard decision to make, but it can be accomplished with a little guidance. Dark granite has its advantages and there are instances when it should be chosen. Here are situations where dark granite is an appropriate choice.

Light and Bright Spaces

If a kitchen or other area is continually bathed in light and has a bright atmosphere, dark granite countertops would be an asset, as the light would help to accent both the granite and any cabinets that were dark. If a kitchen area does not have natural light on a regular basis and has dark cabinets as well, a deeper shade of granite will make the area appear confined, closed in and claustrophobic. Continual light can be a deciding factor when it comes to making a dark granite choice.

Luxurious and Elegant

When you want to create a look of luxury and sophistication, dark granite countertops just might be the answer to your kitchen dreams. If the countertops are enhanced with contrasting stainless steel appliances and textural elements, dark granite countertops can bring elegance and a luxurious feeling to a kitchen space.

Limited Upkeep

If you have reached the point where you simply don’t have time to clean countertops or are tired of constantly rinsing and wiping, darker granite countertops might be the best choice. When countertops are darker, it is a lot easier to conceal dirt, grease and food particles.


Lighter and brighter cabinets are another way to accentuate dark granite countertops. The same effect is achieved when the walls of a kitchen space are lighter. If there is additional natural light pouring into the area, there is an immediate emphasis on the contrast between the dark countertops and the lighter cabinets and walls.


Granite, whether dark or light, is a durable option. Any homeowner looking for a lasting and enduring material, can’t go wrong with granite. Color doesn’t have to be the deciding factor when last quality is a homeowner’s main objective.

Ongoing Style

No matter your style choice, whether contemporary, classic, country, cottage or coastal, dark granite countertops can easily be integrated in any one of these design areas. With the right appliances, cabinets, decorative touches and eye-catching accents, there is no end to what can be achieved with style possibilities. Ongoing redecorating is easy with a basic dark color palette, as other changes can be made along the way to reflect a different look.

Making countertop color choices can be difficult, but with the common sense yet stylish options that are available to homeowners, selecting a specific dark granite doesn’t have to create an unsolvable dilemma. If you still have concerns and questions about choosing dark granite, complete the online contact form and a qualified representative will get back to you with the answers you need to make an informed color choice.