Can I Use Granite Countertops In Outdoor Kitchens?

Homeowners today look at granite as a multi-purpose type of countertop replacement for any area of a home, and they more than appreciate the beauty, durability and longevity of granite, as they know it will withstand the stresses of most any environment. So, it is not surprising to see granite used in outdoor settings, and it certainly can be used in countertop areas of an outdoor kitchen.


Granite is adaptable to exterior areas, such as an outdoor barbecue space that includes not only a grill, fire pit and comfortable patio furniture, but countertops as well. Granite countertops more than blend in with outdoor landscaping, stonework, wrought iron fixtures, woven sunshades and awnings, architectural features, and other decorative elements, like potted plants, solar lights and garden accents. Granite’s natural appearance is further enhanced through its colors and patterns that integrate well with exterior designs. The association with the outdoors brings granite to a whole new decorating level.

Space and Temperature Tolerance

Granite countertops are an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen as they provide the space necessary to prepare and serve food. They are also strong and substantial enough to endure extremes in varying outdoor temperatures and weather conditions. Granite is fabricated to last, and it is a natural and sustainable material, plus it is a top choice for homeowners that either have an outdoor kitchen or plan to build one.

Granite Countertop Maintenance

Whether used indoors or outdoors, granite countertops do require maintenance, and if you are contemplating outdoor use, sealing may be necessary. Even though rain, or an outdoor water hose source, may remove food stains there is still the possibility of absorption of those stains if a sealer has not been applied. Spills from acid producing foods like mustard, ketchup, salad dressings and wine can leave lasting marks.

For overall cleaning purposes, any leftover food and liquid debris should be washed away with water along with the use of a mild liquid soap to remove any other debris, such as dust, dirt, plant materials, pollen, spills and overflow of grease and grime from grills and meat platters.

One way to avoid the accumulation of any type of countertop dirt, grime, and food debris is to utilize coverings, whether through individual countertop protective coverings, roof coverings, umbrellas and awnings.

Granite or not, outdoor countertops are going to take a beating simply because of everyday weather conditions and sun exposure. With granite being a natural stone, exposure to varying weather conditions is going to bring wear. Again, utilizing covering, cleaning, resealing and resurfacing (if recommenced) will all help in prolonging and extending the life of granite countertops.

If you are contemplating an outdoor kitchen setup with granite countertops or have questions about using granite and want additional information about the installation process and maintenance aspects, complete the online contact form and a granite expert will get back to you with the answers you need.