What’s The Difference Between Prefabricated And Slab Countertops?

There are choices with natural stone counterops, so if you are looking for the ideal situation for your kitchen, or another area of your home, you will have the option of either prefabricated materials or a slab. The differences between the two options should give consumers a better idea as to what selection would best meet their needs. So, what are the differences between the two?

Prefabricated Stone

With prefabricated natural stone, the product has already been cut within a certain range of dimensions that are considered standard sizes. It is a more affordable option for those who already have countetops that fall in standard measurement categories, but depending on the manufacturer, sizes are going to be limited along with color selections and finishes.

Prefabricated stone can be subject to structural issues, particularly when the stone is manufactured in foreign countries, such as China and India where the stone is thinner and of inferior quality. Oftentimes the stone is not what it appears to be as well. It can be a mixture of resin and granite particles. Seaming with prefabricated stone can also present problems, and there will be no options with edge finishing, as prefabricated stone requires bull nose edges.

There are prefabricated stone selections that are of value and are made from genuine granite and other natural stones, and many of these selections are available in a variety of colors and styles, so prefabricated countertops are good if all that is required are standard (precut) pieces.

Slab Stone

Slab stone is a large piece or portion of natural stone, and it can be purchased from dealers that supply a wide variety of slabs in most any size, color and price range. A homeowner can choose the exact stone slab that they want, which can be cut to the exact fit of a kitchen or other countertop. A quality slab will usually be more costly than a prefabricated one.

Since most slabs are taken from one large piece, they have good color uniformity and are easier to match when seaming is necessary. With such a large selection of styles and colors, a homeowner is able to choose the exact finish and edging that suits their taste and decorative scheme.

Determining the Differences

Whether you are looking specifically for granite or even marble or quartz, the differences between prefab stone and slab stone will be easy to determine. Prefab countertops will already be cut to size, have a finished appearance and will have rounded edges that require a specific edging. There may also be areas of seaming on prefab stone pieces; whereas, a full slab will be considerably larger and likely measure more than 50 square feet. Also, once you have chosen a slab, it will be cut to the exact dimensions of your countertop areas.

Prefabricated and slab countertops offer choices to homeowners, but if you are unsure which countertop selection best fits your current needs and kitchen spaces, feel free to complete the online contact form, and a representative familiar with both options will get back to you with the answers you need to make an informed decision.