Most Popular Granite Uses: Home Surfaces and More

Granite is one of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen and bathroom counters, but the versatile stone can be used in many other ways as well. We will provide details on the many ways this durable natural stone can be used not only inside your home but outside as well.


Of course, the most popular use for granite is as a countertop. Granite is especially popular in kitchens as it is easy to maintain, resists heat, and is less likely to scratch than other types of counter surfaces. When granite is sealed properly, it resists bacteria, mold, and mildew, making it a sanitary surface for food preparation. In addition, granite adds a look of luxury to the room with options that range from a muted honed surface or a polished gleaming look.


If you install a granite countertop, according to marble companies nearby, you will likely add a granite backsplash. However, it is also possible to add a granite backsplash with other countertop surfaces. Because granite is stain and scratch-resistant, you can easily clean splashes from electric mixers, hot grease from a stove, and other stains from the backsplash. The stone also helps highlight other areas of your room when chosen correctly.


Growing in popularity, granite flooring is another way that the stone can be used in your home. Granite is available in a wide range of veins and flecks, providing you with options for a floor that will be unique and stunning. Because no two slabs of granite are the same, you know that you won’t see your floor in someone else’s home. Granite flooring is extremely durable and is resistant to scratching. Keep in mind that granite flooring has a more difficult installation process than other types of flooring and it can be slippery should you choose a polished surface. In cooler climates, you may want to consider installing floor heaters as the stone can feel cold. Granite must also be sealed periodically to keep it from staining.


Although granite countertops in a bathroom are not unusual, there are other areas of your bathroom where granite can work. Consider creating a shower using granite walls or flooring. Because granite is water-resistant, it is the perfect choice for your shower or tub. If you are choosing granite for a bathroom countertop, you may need to reinforce the cabinetry below as granite is very heavy. Again, granite should be sealed to avoid staining from cosmetics and hygiene products.

Fireplace Surrounds

Granite is heat resistant which makes it the perfect choice for your fireplace surround. Granite creates a smooth look around your fireplace, but keep in mind it must be custom ordered from granite companies nearby. The size and thickness of the surround will determine the price. In addition, the granite must be cut to fit exactly into the area around your fireplace. In addition, single slab granite should only be used in either an electric or gas fireplace. For those that burn solid fuel, such as wood or pellets, you should choose slabbed granite that is assembled in sections as this is much more heat resistant than a surround created from one single piece of granite.


One option to draw attention to smaller pieces in your home is to install granite shelving. Granite can be shaped by granite companies nearby to fit in any location in your home. If you have a built-in shelf in your home, consider replacing wooden shelves with granite for a unique look. There really are no disadvantages to creating shelves with granite. Be sure to lift items when dusting rather than slide them to avoid scratches. Only use mild soaps to clean the shelves as well.

Outdoor Areas

Whether you are installing an outdoor kitchen or creating a relaxing patio in your backyard, granite is a great option for your outdoor areas. It is durable and able to withstand harsh elements. Even if you aren’t considering a full outdoor kitchen, you may be able to find a small slab of granite to place on an old iron table, creating an outdoor eating space that everyone will notice. You can also consider using granite pavers to create a walkway in your outdoor space.


Its durability makes granite the perfect choice for staircases. Because it can withstand daily wear and tear, granite may be a better option than wooden stair planks. Like granite flooring, using polished granite on a staircase could result in slippery conditions should liquid be spilled. One option for a staircase that would reduce some of the slipperiness would be to install granite tiles. The grout between the tiles may create enough friction that the stairs would not be as slippery.

Commercial Spaces

Granite is not limited to home usage only. Consider using granite in your office as well. Create a stunning reception area with a dark granite countertop or consider a smooth granite floor in your lobby. Instead of the traditional wood conference table, choose a slab of granite to create the space where all the ideas come together. Working with a tight budget? Use granite as accents, such as granite tile in a unique pattern on a wall. If you are using granite in a home office, consider a granite desktop that will resist stains and withstand the constant dropping of pens, notebooks, and more. You can even choose decorative artwork created from granite that will be unique and different from all other businesses in the area.

Granite is one of the most versatile natural stones available and it is definitely not limited to the kitchen or bathroom countertop. You can find many uses for granite inside and outside your home as well as in your commercial space. If you are considering granite, contact Marble Concepts today to see how we can help. Our team will guide you through the process and help you bring your dreams to life. Call us at 215-396-7393 or fill out the easy online form to arrange your no-obligation consultation today.