6 Reasons to Invest in a Bathroom Remodel for your PA home

Maybe you have a bathroom that has stayed the same since the 1950s, and you feel it appropriate to invest in a new remodeling project. You have several great reasons why it would make sense to invest in a bathroom remodel. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is the only room in the home where most fixtures get used. Because of the ongoing use, it sees more wear and tear than the other rooms in the house.

Reason #1: Solves Plumbing Problems

The high traffic in the bathroom can lead to plumbing problems over time. They start small and grow in size over time. To give you an example, you start with a leaky tap. In time, the leak turns into more leaks, and this leads to water penetrating the wood. That causes the wood flooring to rot. It may take three weeks or three years, but moisture in the wood will eventually lead to rotting.

Especially check the walls and floors near the sinks, showers, and tubs for signs of rot. Water on its own won’t cause rot, but once it combines with moisture, it will start to cause rotting damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, wood rot can cost $150 to fix, but it can reach up to $25,000 for deep structural problems.

A bathroom remodels lets you tackle small problems before they have the opportunity to become costly issues.

Reason #2: Gain Value on the Home

The average bathroom remodeling will cost you $26,574. Most of the time, you can expect a 60 percent return on investment from remodeling. No matter the state, bathroom remodels almost always paid for themselves in the end because they increased the value of the home. Bathrooms list as the smallest room in the house, but they belong to the category of the most important room in the home. Homeowners love an updated and clean bathroom. On the other hand, nothing will put a homeowner off quicker than a confined and unsafe bathroom.

Reason #3: Get the Best Safety

In particular, the elderly can invest in a remodel to make the home safer. For example, some bathrooms become dangerous after hip or knee surgery. Athletes may see some danger as they recover from a sports injury, or victims of car accidents will see an increased danger posed inside the bathroom. When you remodel the bathroom, you can add extra safety features like slip-resistant flooring, a walk-in shower, and an entrance to hold onto when you enter the shower.

Reason #4: Bathroom Remodel or Bathroom Addition?

Many of the older homes before 1940 only had a single bathroom. This was because older homes were seen as a luxury, and in fact, only 55 percent of homeowners at the time even had a bathroom. You might add to the convenience of the home through an extra bathroom addition. Especially for those with larger families, it frees up the burden on a single bathroom so that you spend less time waiting for someone else to get out of the bathroom. At the same time, you make your home a more attractive deal to potential home buyers. No one will ever complain about an extra bathroom in the home, not even single homeowners.

Adding a full bathroom can increase your home’s value by 5.7 percent on average. To put that into a dollar perspective, most homeowners can expect an average return of $17,638. A full bathroom means that you added a sink, shower, and toilet to the home. Just remember that nothing in real estate is ever guaranteed, and a return on investment depends on the market.

Reason #5: Save Money on Water and Energy Costs

The bathroom fixtures of today improve energy and water efficiency. You can install bathroom fixtures that use several features to cut down on your energy bills. To get the most from this technology, you will want to plan it out in advance. Some of the best things to add to remodeling include:

  • Low-flow showerhead
  • Low-flow toilet
  • Underfloor heating
  • Water efficient faucets
  • Windows to avoid turning on a fan

Reason #6: Make a Larger Bathroom

As we said before, bathrooms in the 1940s or earlier were a luxury. They weren’t a large room in the home. You can use that as an excuse to make a larger bathroom. Homeowners see larger bathrooms as a more modern design, and you can include unique features for extra comfort. Larger bathrooms are also more pleasant to use than cramped and small bathrooms. At the same time as redesigning it, you can enlarge the bathroom so that it becomes an escape from the madness of everyday living. Bathrooms today serve more purposes, and they were meant to even make you feel calm when inside.


If you would like to have your bathroom remodeled in Pennsylvania, Marble Concepts can help you with your new remodeling project. We have operated our successful business since 1991, and we offer a wide variety of stones to our customers. Especially when you don’t know what you want in a bathroom remodel, speaking to experts can help you to clarify your vision. Even if you know what you want, speaking with us can ensure that the end result looks as good as possible when finished with it. If you would like to learn more, please give us a call at 215-396-7393.