Why You Need A Professional When Installing A New Countertop

If you are looking at your countertops and want an upgrade, you need to hire a professional. Yes, it might seem like a DIY project, but installing countertops can be complex. When you want to have that professional look, you need to hire an experienced installer for the job. Here are a few reasons to work with a professional when installing a new countertop.

Avoid the DIY Temptation

It might not seem like a big project. All you have to do is pick the material, measure the countertops, and install it. However, there is so much more to an installation than that. Yes, if you have a small job with no seams, it may make sense to do it yourself. For the majority of homeowners, this is not the case.

Let’s start at the beginning. For any countertop project, you need to choose suitable materials for your kitchen or bathroom. Countertops come in many materials, but not everything is the best option for your home. While you can research these materials on your own, a professional company will be able to help you select the ideal material for your needs.

When you have selected a large slab of granite or marble, it needs to be professionally installed. First, many of these slabs are extremely heavy, with some weighing more than 200 pounds. While the slab might seem durable, hitting it the wrong way could cause significant damage. Most of these slabs must be gently picked up and set into place. As you can tell, that is not a project you can accomplish alone.

If you are still set on a DIY project, think about the measuring process. Cutting these slabs to the exact measurements takes the right tools and skills. Measuring twice and cutting once is important, especially when working with countertop materials. When cutting these materials by yourself, there is always the chance that you will make a mistake. Most experienced installers will use a computer-aided system to ensure a precise cut. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have that equipment and rely on basic tools to cut the countertop materials, leading to inaccurate results.

Plus, it is not always the cut that could give you problems during installation. In some cases, the kitchen’s wall may not be leveled, or there is variation in the cabinet’s height. As a do-it-yourselfer, you might not have the skills to conquer those challenges. A professional installer knows how to set the countertop even under unique circumstances.

Before installing the countertops, you want to ensure that the cabinets are strong enough to hold the weight of the stone. When you work with an experienced company, they understand what materials can support the weight of the stone. Additionally, the cabinets must be level across the top, or your stone is prone to cracking. It might seem like a simple task, but if you don’t consider these issues, you could be left with a damaged countertop or cabinet.

After considering these tips, it is time to think about the installation. It is crucial to ensure that the seams are lined up and that everything is fitted correctly. When the stone is not snug, you will have issues down the road, including water seepage and other damages. Improper installation is one reason why countertops can sustain damage over the years. Working with a professional installer ensures that the countertop materials are properly placed and sealed. The sealing process is very important. Without it, your stone could become stained or damaged with regular use.

Hire a Professional Installer

With all those points to be considered, why would you not want to hire a professional for the job? These experienced installers know how to select, cut, prepare, and install the countertop material in your home. Here are a few reasons to choose a professional countertop installer for your project.

Adequate Experience

Any type of countertop installation is a complex job. For that reason, you need a highly skilled and experienced professional. If you decide to do it yourself, you could be left with an improper installation. DIY projects often lead to unlevel countertops with incorrect grout lines, making the finished project look like an eyesore in your home. With a professional team, they know how to install countertops so that you are left with exceptional results.

 Prevent Damages

Handling natural stones also requires experience because the materials can break if not adequately protected. A professional with the right amount of experience will know what tools to use to reduce damage and minimize accidents.

Quality Tools and Equipment

A professional installer has the right tools and equipment for the job. These individuals will focus on the success of the project. In most cases, the average homeowner doesn’t have the same equipment for the job. A professional will use high-quality tools to install the stone, leaving you with the best-looking countertops for your home.

In these situations, a professional delivers a level of quality and excellence that you cannot achieve by yourself. They have the training and skills to deliver a stunning final product. Don’t tackle this job by yourself when it comes time to replace your countertops. Work with a professional who will ensure high-quality results for the job.

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