How to Make Your Bathroom Cozy with Warm Colors

A bathroom can be so much more than just a functional space where the family gets ready for work, school, or bed. Sometimes, modern designed minimalist bathrooms can appear a bit chilly and cold when it comes to style and atmosphere according to the folks from Marble Concepts. Learn how to make your bathroom gorgeous and cozy with warm colors, textiles, and natural elements without giving up on the functional aspect of the room.

Learn how to create a beautiful spa-like retreat that you and your family will love and appreciate for years to come.

1. Using Warm Tile Colors and Patterns

One of the simplest, yet most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, things you can do to warm up a dull, dreary or sterile bathroom space in a hurry is to use carefully selected warm tile colors and patterns. Many homeowners neglect to seriously consider their choices when it comes to tile in a bathroom environment.

It is even possible to mix cool shades and fixtures with warmer toned ones when the two style types are blended in a precise and carefully planned way. If wanting to keep a more contemporary and minimalist design scheme in your bath, consider installing warmer tile hues like sand, almond, or off-white tones like biscuit.

For a more dramatic impact effect, select warmer toned tiles that have an interesting pattern throughout like a canyon rock hue or a granite patterned tile that picks up hints of golden specks and swirls. Not only will these choices make a bathroom space feel more welcoming and toastier on cold winter days, but the stunning tiles will also add a touch of elegance and ambiance to the space as well.

2. Adding Warmth with Accents and Accessories

Another terrific option for instantly adding warmth into a somewhat cool or chilly bathroom space is to add a few warmth-inspired accents and accessories. Get more ideas by visiting granite companies nearby like Marble Concepts.

Some examples of warm accessories include:

  • Tub Trays – for a place to set candles or a book
  • Interesting Artwork
  • An Unusual Mirror
  • Recessed Shelving
  • Warmer Brushed Pewter or Nickle Tub and Sink Fixtures
  • Dropped Pendant Light Fixtures
  • Use of Furniture – a chest for storage or a vintage vanity
  • Heated Floors or Towel Racks
  • Green Plants or Floral Arrangements
  • Pretty Glass Containers for Bath Supplies
  • Wood Frames – for mirror or artwork
  • A Rain Showerhead

3. Use Textures for Warmth

Many design artists like to bring a bit of nature indoors into a bathroom space. This can instantly create a spa-inspired environment that still appears welcoming and soothing much like a real spa feels. Using textures that are found outdoors in nature is a wonderful trick that can instantly add a warmer vibe.

Try using some grass-woven bathmats, stacking towels on a wooden and glass shelf, or piling lotions, soaps, and other toiletries into small wicker baskets stored on a floating shelf.

Adding a small wooden stool that can double as a tub side table is a fast and easy way to add texture and warmth. In fact, just incorporating more wood into your design theme can create this effect. Try installing wooden flooring that’s heated for a posh-like experience that is enticing and beautiful at the same time.

Try using fun and funky towel rack that is a simple wooden ladder and paint the bottom legs white for a nice contrast. Wicker baskets filled with thick and plush towels that are white or a rich hue can be reminiscent of spa retreats and will not cost a fortune.

Hang a fluffy and soft robe behind the door and/or add a pair of cozy slippers next to a natural woven and prettily patterned area rug or runner. Remember to add pleasing aromas to the space for an even better effect that involves all the senses in this lush environment.

4. Natural Elements

The addition of natural stone and/or wood into a bathroom area can create a rich and welcoming oasis where you will never want to leave. Consider installing a beautiful natural stone floor or add a single wall of cobblestone tiles from floor to ceiling for a dramatic effect that will add visual interest and make the space seem larger and airier at the same time.

Adding a long-mirrored panel above a vanity or along a wall also opens up the space and naturally reflects any sunlight into the space too. Consider adding some nature-inspired wallpaper on one wall for a stunning effect. Blue against a stark white background can be warm even though this hue is generally considered a cool color.

Hang some moisture-loving ferns or other green plants near a window using natural fiber macrame plant hangers or purchase a few small decorative plants and set them up on a shelf for a simple way to bring nature inside your bath.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to making a bath look and feel warmer. Take time to view some of the projects at Marble Concepts to get some additional creative inspiration. Phone 215-396-7393 for helpful and courteous assistance with all your bathroom remodel and design inquiries.