Natural Stone Bathroom Trends For 2021

Bathroom trends come and go but there are decorating ideas that remain at the forefront no matter the year. In thinking of natural stone bathroom trends for 2021, there are looks that grab your attention as natural stone for bathroom use is one of them. Natural trends in bathrooms will be here to stay and will continue to influence decorators and homeowners. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, here are some trends for 2021.

Natural Organic Appearance

Homeowners and decorators want to use natural stone in their bathrooms and one reason is the trend that natural stone is an eco-friendly material. You can install it in a bathroom and eliminate the thoughts of any environmental risks while you enjoy the pure nature and beauty of the stone. Think about visiting granite companies nearby your home to get an idea of natural stone choices and how they will fit into your home design.

Pleasing and Clean Design

A pleasing and clean appearance is another trend that encompasses the use of natural stone for bathrooms. Natural stone found in granite, marble, quartzite, and other stone choices are durable and practical and will maintain their innate beauty and stability with proper care and use.

Low to No Maintenance

Trends in 2020 and 2021 are all pointing to low to no maintenance in bathrooms and with natural stone, you can easily maintain the stone you choose. Using natural stone plays a crucial part in the upkeep of a bathroom.


Trends in 2021 include stone selections that are smooth looking though roughed up or textured finishes along with earthen colors are part of trends for 2021. When you think of textured or honed surfaces, you picture a surface that coordinates well with bathrooms. Its resistance to slippage is important, and there is no shortage of water in a bathroom space where slips can occur. Even bathroom walls can be upgraded with textured finishes to bring a cozy and inviting look to a bathroom space.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors accentuate a bathroom space and natural stone selections from white to gray and tan to brown are heavily on-trend for bathrooms in 2021. These colors fit almost any bathroom design whether in flooring or countertops and coordinate with touches of brighter colors through bathroom accessories, other architectural pieces, and touches of colored and printed tiles.

Minimalist Designs

Using minimalist ideas in a bathroom is another trend that has taken off in 2020 and continues on into 2021. It’s a clean and diminished look with attention to hidden storage and limited accessories. Straight lines and smoothness prevail. You can embellish the look with floating vanities, metal, concrete, and wooden pieces, bathroom hooks, towel rings and bars, flexible shower caddy units, light sconces, storage trays, discrete paper dispensers, soap dishes, glass jars, fixture replacements, and other counter accessories that coordinate with the minimalist look.

Blending Interiors

A newer trend that is developing in 2021 is blending the inside with the outside. Open spaces are desirable from the closed-in look of bathrooms of the past. You get more flow and an open area that goes from the bathroom to the outer space of your bedroom and other spaces in your home. You’ll see glass enclosures in either doors or windows that open or transition into another room, to an outside private area, and even a garden on your home’s exterior.

When you decide on blending, you’ll want to incorporate natural elements as well with wood, natural stone, or any other materials that make the area appear uncomplicated and natural. Think about adding a skylight to add natural light to the bathroom area that transitions into other spaces.

Bathroom EnSuites

When you think of the trend of blending that is prominent in 2021, you can also get a free-flowing movement with a bedroom that goes from sleeping quarters into a bathroom space. Connecting the two together makes an ensuite that enlivens a bedroom area and makes it appear larger and more spacious. Using natural stone in an ensuite setup is a perfect way to expand a bathroom either through natural stone use for floors, countertops, and walls.


The sustainable look in bathrooms is another trend that has been in fashion since 2020 and has followed right into 2021. Eco-friendly looks are easily obtainable with natural stone. You can transform an outdated bathroom with little effort. You’ll want to couple your natural stone flooring, countertops, and shower/bath area with the use of sustainable and natural materials. Look for toilets that are low-flow, shower head fixtures that reduce water waste, fixtures that can sense water flow, radiant floor heat, new lighting with bulbs labeled LED, natural baskets, hampers, soap and lotion dispensers, toilet brushes, and other bathroom accessories that improve and support a sustainable lifestyle.

Larger Tiles

Another trend for 2021 with natural stone is the use of natural stone in larger sizes rather than smaller pieces or sections of tile from years back. Today, you see the larger tiles in wall and floor formats. Besides adding space to an area and making it appear larger, bigger tiles require less grout and that means easier care and cleaning. Even more traditional tiles, such as subway tiles, are offered in larger sizes and are spaced in different wall patterns. They are available in a host of warm and earthen colors and the traditional sterile white.

With the classic beauty and durability of natural stone tile, you can create a sustainable, easy to maintain, and affordable bathroom that increased the value of your home. If you’re interested in incorporating natural stone within a bathroom update or remodel, think about Marble Concepts and call us at 215-396-7393. You’ll appreciate our expertise and what we can do to help you design a natural stone bathroom that meets your needs.