The Ultimate Guide To Protecting and Maintaining Marble

Marble is a popular natural stone and can be found throughout homes and businesses. You may find countertops, backsplashes or floors made of marble in kitchens or as countertops, walls or floors in bathrooms. Marble can also be found in living areas as floors, mantles, hearths and used as decorative features. Marble may be honed, which means it has a low-luster finish or highly polished, giving your counters or floors a reflective, mirror-like look. If you have marble in your home or business, or you are considering adding marble, it is important to know some important marble countertop maintenance.

Daily Cleaning

Marble should be cleaned daily to help it keep its luster. Follow these simple daily cleaning tips to keep your marble looking as luxurious as it did the day it was installed:

  • Showers – Use a marble cleaner designed for daily use and a squeegee. Homeowners who use a squeegee every day report that their marble showers still look brand new.
  • Countertops – If you need to know how to clean marble countertops, use clean terry cloth rags or paper towels as well as daily marble cleaner. Spray and wipe the counter each day. Avoid homemade or DIY solutions you find online as some of these suggestions will actually damage your counter.
  • Floors – Floors should be dust mopped or vaccumed with a soft bristle attachment every day. Each week, remove the invisible grit that gets tracked on the floor with a dust mop or vacuum, then damp mop the surface with a cleaner with a ph of 7-8.5.

When cleaning marble floors, avoid products that contain wax, vinegar scents or bleach. Create a spot removal kit that contains spot remover, marble polish, a neutral cleaning product, a measuring spoon, hand buffing pads, a sponge, terry cloth towel and rubber gloves.

Intense Marble Cleaning

If your marble needs intensive cleaning, the first step is to diagnose the problem. If there is significant staining or etching, you may need to call a professional to determine how best to return it to its natural luster. If the marble has stubborn streaks and spots but is in good condition, try cleaning it with a daily marble shower cleaner. If that does not remove the stain, there is more than likely etching, which is technically a burn in the stone from chemical reactions caused by the calcium in the marble and what was allowed to saturate the surface. Some cleaning products can leave white drip marks in marble which must be removed by a professional. If you are battling mold or mildew on marble, use a mold and mildew cleaner created for marble. Mold can be very damaging and may require regrouting of the entire shower.

Protecting and Enhancing

In addition to understanding marble countertop maintenance, you need to protect and enhance your marble. One method for how to clean marble countertops is to use liquid polish designed for the natural stone is recommended. You will need to prepare the surface with a daily cleaner before applying the polish. Small spots that may have been caused by acidic materials like coffee or fruit juice can be removed with a spot removal kit. Small holes or cracks can also be repaired using a marble hole repair kit that includes:

  • Marble filler
  • Hardening material
  • Coloring tint
  • Small, medium and large stirring sticks
  • Mixing cups that are about three-ounces
  • Straight edge razors
  • Fine steel wool
  • Rubber gloves

Sealers provide protection against stains and etching You should seal your marble as often as you want, but it is recommended it be done at least once per year. It is possible to seal your marble yourself, but professional sealants may be the better option to be sure your stone is properly sealed.Knowing how to seal a marble countertop properly is critical to protecting the stone.

If you have marble in your home and want to know how to seal marble countertops or are considering adding it in a kitchen, bath or living area, contact us today to learn more. You can reach us through the easy online form or give us a call today.