Marble Walls: Designs That Make Your Home Vibrant

Are your walls looking a little drab? Want to spice up the interior but don’t know how? You might be surprised to find that marble is what’s missing. No, marble isn’t solely for luxury spas and high-end hotels. You can use versatile marble in a number of ways in your home, including walls, backsplashes, and more.

If your goal is to make a more vibrant space, then you should consider marble. We have some ideas to help you feel inspired.

Marble Accent Walls

Walls can be plain and boring, or they can be a statement that goes from floor to ceiling. Which would you rather have? Obviously, the latter. Inspired designs can make any space memorable, especially when you are using marble to do the trick. One of the latest trends we are seeing with marble is accent walls with built-in features, like fireplaces and shelving.

Marble accent walls or dividers with cut-out shelving are ideal for dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. You can store a number of items in cut-out shelving, including books and pictures.

But why are marble accents so popular right now? Because they are a budget-friendly way to bring the beauty of natural stone into your home. You can choose any color, pattern, and size of an accent wall to jazz up the interior.

Marble Kitchen Backsplash

When you have a marble countertop in your kitchen (or are thinking about getting on), the next step is to get a marble backsplash. The main draw of a marble backsplash is how easy to clean it is. You can choose any color of marble for your backsplash and even make it unique. There are many shapes and styles of tiles to consider.

Make your backsplash look like bricks or get hexagons and inlays. The choice is yours!

One thing to keep in mind is the unity between the counter and the backsplash. If you want a more harmonious kitchen, make the countertops and backsplash one color. This will create cohesion throughout the space and make the marble stand out, especially if you are using green, blue, or another vibrant color.

Marble Wall and Flooring

Depending on the texture and color of the marble, you might be able to create the illusion that a space is much larger and brighter than it seems. You can do this by putting marble on the walls and floor. Often, this is achieved by adding white marble tiles on the ground, accompanied by a similar yet slightly darker variation on the walls.

That said, a black marble accent wall paired with gray or soft brown tiles on the floor would create a phenomenal atmosphere. More intense hues on the walls will make the room more engaging or energetic. If you have a contemporary house, this kind of setup will serve you well.

Marble Vanities, Baths, and Showers

If you want to dress up the bathroom without revamping the entire design, you can add in marble. Depending on the color you choose, your marble walls can soften the overall vibe, making your bathroom spa-like. Or you can up the elegance and luxury with something darker, like blues and blacks.

Your marble walls in the bathroom don’t have to cover the whole thing like you would in the living room. Add marble to the vanity, around the shower, or as an accent wall for a bathtub.

If you want, partner a darker marble on the walls with white marble tile flooring. The neutral color on the floor gives you plenty of room to play with other colors and textures. Bring out natural wooden accents or metal with cups, towels, and rugs in contrasting colors.

Additional Tips For Marble Wall Designs

Now that you know ways to use marble walls in your home, it’s time to give you some interior design options that bring those walls to life. Marble looks beautiful on its own, but when you know how to dress it up appropriately, the results are extraordinary.

Veining and Texture

Take a long look at the veining in the marble. Is it dark or light? Metallic or matte? Dynamic or faded? For example, if you are using a jade green marble with white veining, the feel of the room is going to be softer. You might paint the other walls an eggshell white and decorate with furniture that is similarly colored.

If there is a pop of color—say golden veining in a blue marble—you can be much bolder. Brass, gold, and bronze elements, like knobs and handles, will highlight the splashes of color in the marble without overwhelming the space. Adding yellow and blue knickknacks among darker wood would also bring depth.

Complementary Furniture

A room that has marble walls and flooring could easily look too busy if you use the wrong furniture. Wood, though, is ideal. Stone and wood create an ambiance of sophistication that can be both professional yet homey. Avoid using busy upholstery and curtains in the space. Let the marble do the work, and choose carpets, furniture, and curtains that match a shade of color present in the stone.

Contemporary furniture with wooden arms and legs that match those of wooden elements next to the marble also does the trick.

Lightning For Marble Walls

Light and natural stone have an interesting relationship. When you are using a textured design, such as tiles, you need to consider how shadows are going to affect the colors and depth of the design. Similarly, the lighting you choose in your home could either wash out or intensify the colors of the marble.

Softer touches of light, like those from pendant lighting or sconces, can bring out the veining in marble and make the stone look more dimensional.

Whether you are putting a marble wall in a bathroom, living room, or kitchen, keep the source of lighting in mind and how it will change throughout the day.

Looking For Marble For Your Home?

Marble is a classic material that has been used for centuries to make spaces look more elegant. Whether you choose to install a marble wall as an accent or are looking for something more functional, marble is versatile and colorful enough for any space.

Marble Concepts has been installing marble in homes like yours for over 25 years. Our professional team will help you from selecting the right slab all the way through installation and maintenance. Give us a call today to learn more.