How Often Should Marble Be Sealed?

Marble is a beautiful material for a countertop. If you want to keep it looking great, you will need to seal it. How often should you seal a marble countertop? Does it need to be sealed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly? Here is everything you need to know about sealing marble countertops.

When To Seal Your Marble Countertops

Marble is a softer material than other natural stones. With that, it can be more susceptible to scratches and less resistant to some acids. For that reason, marble needs to be frequently sealed. The frequency of the sealing will depend on the usage in the home. If you have marble countertops in the kitchen and use them regularly, you will need to seal them several times a year.

While there is no definite schedule for sealing marble countertops, many experts agree that you should seal marble at the installation time. After that, seal the countertops every three to six months.

Why You Need To Seal Marble

Since marble is a natural stone, it is a porous material. Liquids can seep beneath the surface and stain the marble. This is a big problem for those light-colored marbles, which are more absorbent than other colors.

Marble is also susceptible to surface etching from acids, such as coffee, wine, fruit juice, vinegar, and tomato sauce. Why does that happen? Marble has a high amount of calcium carbonate, which dissolves when coming into contact with low pH chemicals. While you might think it is just a stain on the surface, those chemicals have caused significant damage to the stone’s surface. These “stains” will look like hard water residue. They can even haze the stone’s color. You will need professional assistance to restore the surface when this happens.

The Marble Seal Test

Generally, you will want to seal the marble about every six months. However, if you use the countertops for everyday activities, it might be a good idea to seal them every other month. You can test your marble’s sealing with the water test. Pour water in several spots on the countertop. You will want to let the water sit on the counter for 10 minutes. If a ring or dark spot forms, the water has penetrated the stone and needs to be resealed.

Should a Professional Seal the Countertop?

This answer would depend on you. If you have DIY skills, you can seal the counters by yourself. For those who are hesitant with these tasks, a professional can ensure the marble is properly sealed in your home. Here are some of the steps if you want to seal the marble.

Step 1

First, you will want to clear the countertop of any items. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the counters. They need to be free of dirt, dust, and other particulates. For better results, use a cleaning solution that is designed for marble.

Step 2

After the countertops have been cleaned and dried, you will want to apply the sealer. Take a generous amount of sealer to cover the entire surface of the countertop. For those with a large kitchen, make sure to work in sections. Otherwise, you can get overwhelmed or lose track of the sealed areas.

Step 3

Once the entire surface is covered, you will want to allow the sealer to dry. Observe the countertop for about 15 minutes. If any sealer has soaked and erupted, it can be fixed. You can repeat the process. Spray more sealer on the counter, wait a few minutes, and wipe off the excess.

In some cases, there could be excess sealer on the surface. Don’t worry! All you have to do is wipe it off the counter.

Step 4

After applying the sealer, you are done with the project. However, give your countertop a full 24 hours before using it. You want to ensure the sealer gets down to the bottom of the marble. By allowing the sealer to do its job, the seal will stay in place and continue to protect the stone.

Keep Your Marble in Top Shape

While sealing the marble is the best way to protect your countertops, there are a few other things that you can do. When there is a spill, make sure to remove it. Countertops that are exposed to liquids have a higher chance of staining. To prevent any damage, wipe up the spills as soon as they occur.

You must take a sponge, soft cloth, or paper towel to remove the coffee, soda, fruit juice, or liquid from the surface. Along with spills, always make it a habit to clear up other stains as soon as they happen.

You will always want to use a trivet, cutting board, placemat, or coaster on the surface. These items will give you a barrier on the countertop. Those tools can prevent burn marks, scratches, and etching from damaging your marble.

Sealing marble is an essential step in maintaining your countertops. When you regularly seal the surface, you can prevent etching, staining, and other damages.

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