How to Modernize a White Kitchen

Many people choose to have a white kitchen as it gives a classic and clean look to your home. Often people prefer to cook and prepare food in a space that is gleaming, shiny, and one color as it gives the impression that the kitchen is spotless and clean to cook within. If you have recently fit your kitchen worktop into your newly designed kitchen and are looking for ways to make your white kitchen more modern but also homely, we have you covered. In this article, we will share several ideas on how to balance and modernize your white kitchen.

1. Choose Centerpiece Lighting To Match Your Kitchen Worktop

If you have an island design in your white kitchen, choosing to have lighting that is hanging as a centerpiece can bring a fantastic spotlight to your quartz kitchen countertop. The hanging centerpiece lighting will act as an arrow for the eyes, allowing the attention to naturally glide to the countertop. Placing warm lighting in your kitchen can also create an atmosphere that is welcoming to guests and will invite people to use the island countertop more.

2. Match Your Quartz Kitchen Worktop With Dynamic Flooring

Choosing flooring to contrast with your white quartz kitchen will allow the marble to pop and shine out. We would suggest using patterned tiled flooring and choosing a graphic or pattern that is contrasting with the white kitchen worktop. If you are going to choose to use a graphic tiled floor with your white kitchen, we would recommend that you keep your cabinets a neutral color that matches the white quartz. This will then allow the floor to ground the colors of the kitchen without being over-patterned and over-stimulating for the eyes.

3. Opt For Thicker Kitchen Countertop To Create A Statement

If the quartz white kitchen countertop will be the main focus of your kitchen, you could try opting for a thicker kitchen countertop to create a statement. When you design your kitchen to be one color, such as white, the kitchen may blend into itself. Having a thicker kitchen worktop can help the quartz kitchen countertop to stand out and be the dynamic focal point in the room.

4. Match Your White Kitchen With Colorful Kitchen Accessories

Matching your fully white kitchen with colorful accessories can be a great way of dressing your quartz kitchen countertop. Choosing kitchen appliances like a kettle and toaster but in bright contrasting colors such as red or pink will help differentiate and balance the kitchen. When choosing a contrasting color, we would recommend choosing one color and adding accessories in that one color so you do not have clashing shades.

5. Choose Different Textures Within Your Kitchen

If you are not a fan of darker or bright colors, there is a simple way of dressing your white kitchen in order to make sure that the countertop does not blend in with the floor and cupboards using different textures. The different textures when combined will allow your eyes to see different layers of the kitchen much clearer. Using simple decorating tricks like paneled walls, tiled flooring, and wood grain wallpaper can help your white quartz countertop shine.

6. Add Greenery To Your Kitchen

Adding plants to your kitchen can not only add a lease of life but can add a different texture that will compliment any kitchen worktop. If you want your plants to have a function, choosing plants like fresh herbs can be beneficial to your cooking. If you are also wanting to get creative, to add more focus to your kitchen countertop you can display these herbs hanging from the ceiling above your white quartz kitchen island.

7. Get Creative With The Grout

Grout commonly seems like it is an uninteresting and essential ingredient to have to make your kitchen work but if you are wanting to add extra detail to your kitchen, why not choose which color grout you have? One way of modernizing your kitchen is to choose a grout that is a pastel color such as pistachio green. Grout is available in various shades of blue and red.

8. Choose A Minimalist Design

When decorating, it is easy to think that you need to choose bright paint colors and over-accessorize. Sometimes choosing a minimalist design is the best way to dress your white quartz kitchen worktop. Minimalism does not mean that you need to not have any items on display. Choosing items that are functional and aesthetically pleasing will not only give your kitchen a classic look but also make your white kitchen worktop look like a piece of art.

9. Contrast The White Kitchen Countertop With Black Or Another Dominant Color

Balancing your white kitchen with a dominant and contrasting color can be a simple way of modernizing your kitchen and creating a space that feels grounded. If you are wanting to create a complete contrast in your kitchen, using a color like black on your flooring or your kitchen cabinets is a sure way to compliment your white quartz stone. Choosing an element of the kitchen that is a dark tone like black or a dark brown will help take the stark feel away from an all-white kitchen. If you would still like to create a contrast to your kitchen but do not want to choose a color that is so dark, try choosing shades like green or purple as these shades will bring warmth to your kitchen.

Bring In Different Elements To Your Kitchen

If you don’t know where to start with your kitchen, the first step is deciding if you prefer neutral colors or colors that pop. Once you have decided what your color palette is, you can then start the process of choosing different textures, flooring, and tiles to complement your white quartz kitchen countertop. Call Marble Concepts to cut and install your stunning quartz countertops today. Get your kitchen or bathrooms renovated with quartz today. Give us a call at 215-396-7393 today to learn more.