10 Creative Ways To Use Your Leftover Granite

Granite countertops are elegant and beautiful. After installing them, you might be left with a few granite remnants. You could be tempted to throw out or donate them, but that granite can be used for other purposes. Here are 10 creative ways to use your leftover granite.

1 – Backsplashes

Since you already have a beautiful kitchen or bathroom countertop, consider using that extra granite to design a backsplash. It is an excellent way to protect your walls near the sinks. A granite backsplash adds a cohesive look to your kitchen or bathroom. If you don’t have a huge slab, consider taking smaller pieces and making a mosaic-like backsplash. That is one way to highlight your countertops’ existing colors and tones.

2 – Flooring

When people choose granite, they often think it is only used for those countertops. However, granite is durable enough to be placed on the floor. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have enough granite to refloor your entire room. You can create an inlay at the door’s entrance. Use the granite as a centerpiece for your kitchen or bathroom floor. The possibilities are endless to create as you design a unique granite flooring option for your home.

3 – Shelving

If you have a long slab of granite from the countertop project, you might want to turn it into a shelf. It will look great on the top of an existing bookshelf. You can even place the granite on the wall as a standalone shelf, making sure the granite is secured to the wall. Remember that granite is heavier than wood. A granite shelf is an excellent way to give your bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom a more modern look.

4 – Outdoor Benches

Take that leftover granite and create an outdoor bench. A granite bench is a perfect place to watch the clouds roll by or enjoy nighttime stargazing. If you don’t have enough material, use a wood frame with a granite seat. You can place these benches near the home’s entrance or outside for an outdoor retreat. No matter where you use these benches, they are guaranteed to bring a bit of elegance to those spaces.

5 – Tabletop

You can turn large slabs into a table. Don’t settle for an oblong table shape. Take the remnants and have them rounded out for a great piece to add to your kitchen, balcony, or patio. A granite table is a unique way to bring a touch of class to your seating spaces. If you want the perfect legs, choose cast iron or metal. You can easily find chairs to match the look of the table. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large piece of granite. Take those smaller pieces and create a side table or two for your living room.

6 – Cutting Board

Why have a boring wooden cutting board when you can create a granite one? Granite is durable and can hold up to knives. Keep in mind that granite can be a little tough on blades, but it is a great way to use up that leftover material. Plus, you will have a cutting surface that matches the rest of the kitchen. You don’t even have to use it as a cutting board. Take cookie dough and roll out a few batches of delicious treats. If you want to get more creative, add a rotating bottom to the board, and you can have a lazy Susan.

7 – Coasters

You can turn small granite remnants into drink coasters. You don’t need to have the perfect square shape. Some people prefer those irregular shapes since they add a little more charm. Form that granite into triangles, circles, and other shapes to keep your tables protected from any damage. If you have any bigger pieces, you might want to use them to create a fantastic cheese platter or a serving tray. You can host an elegant cheese and wine party with granite coasters and a platter.

8 – Outdoor Fountain

Take that granite outside for a fun project. You can make a stacked fountain out of any natural material, including granite. Use a few flat, stackable pieces to design a relaxing water fountain. This idea is perfect for those leftover countertop pieces. It doesn’t require much work from you. You can drill holes throughout the center of the remnants for the water flow or just stack the granite around the pipe.

9 – Whiskey Stones or “Ice” Cubes

Think about creating a whiskey stone if you only have a few granite remnants from the project. While drinking whiskey with ice is the epitome of a classic drink, the melting ice leaves plenty of water in the glass. Whiskey stones can cool down the beverage without any of those problems. Take a few square chunks of granite, clean them, and store the cubes in the freezer. Drop those “ice cubes” into your glass when you are ready for a drink. This tip is not just for whiskey lovers. Use those ice cubes to cool down any alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage. These cubes will be the talk of your next party.

10 – Create a Plaque

Turn that granite slab into a durable plaque. You might want to commemorate the purchase of your home or honor a special pet in your backyard. These plaques can withstand the ravages of time, and they are the ideal way to create a beautiful memory for your family. You can have the granite shaped and engraved with a message. You will have a piece that will be appreciated for many years.

With these 10 tips, you can find a new purpose for that leftover granite. From coasters to backsplashes, there are plenty of places in your home to use those granite remnants.

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