How Much Do Bathroom Renovations Cost?

Almost every homeowner out there today pines for a bathroom that feels more like a relaxing spa or other luxurious retreats. The bathroom gets a lot of use daily, and more homeowners choose to upgrade their small and/or ordinary bathroom into an amazing oasis of pure beauty with plenty of comfort features and custom additions.

That being said, consumers need to understand how much bathroom renovations cost before embarking on their bathroom remodeling project.

Why Do Bathroom Remodeling Jobs Cost More On Average?

Many homeowners are surprised when they realize that bathroom remodeling jobs seem to cost more on average than a renovation in other parts of the house excluding kitchens. There are some good reasons for this that should be taken into account before giving up on the idea due to projected expenses.

Renovating a bathroom presents certain challenges that include the overall room size with which contractors need to work in, hard-to-get-to water and sewer lines, cramped behind wall area for electrical wiring and lighting and venting considerations among other possible work challenges.

Reasons To Consider a Bathroom Renovation

There are also a number of terrific reasons why a homeowner should consider embarking on a bathroom renovation or upgrade. First off, an improved bathroom space makes family living more convenient, comfortable and relaxing. These reasons alone are often worth the extra expense according to many consumers and professional bath remodeling experts.

A huge reason to pursue a small, mid-size or large bathroom remodeling job is the increased value that such a room can add to your overall property worth. This can be a crucial point if ever wanting to sell the home at some point in the future. More prospective home buyers today tend to desire beautiful and luxurious bathroom spaces that feel airy and more spacious with a warm and welcoming ambiance.

What Are the Average Costs for a Bathroom Renovation?

Some bathroom contractors say that the average costs for a bathroom renovation project can be just under $10,000 to approximately $23,000. However, other bathroom remodeling specialists point out that upgrading a powder room or small guest bathroom can cost significantly less starting at around $2,500 and up.

Larger bathroom spaces, such as a master bath redo, can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 or more depending on the prices of bathroom fixtures, flooring, storage cabinets and other luxury features.

What Common Bathroom Features Affect End Costs?

Homeowners can save on overall bathroom renovation costs by choosing commonly added bathroom features that are within their projected home improvement project budget parameters. Consumers should determine what features are essential to their overall bathroom design plan and which of the desired bathroom features can be left out or added at a later date.

Common bathroom features that impact overall end costs include:

  • Bathtub designs
  • Shower models & features
  • Bathroom countertop surfaces
  • Sink vanities
  • Bathroom storage cabinets or shelving
  • Sink styles
  • Type of wall or floor tile or other materials
  • Toilet models
  • Custom and/or luxury bathroom features like heated floors or towel-racks
  • Tub and/or shower liner – all-in-one
  • Certain walk-in tubs
  • Faucets and other bathroom related details

Other Bathroom Cost Considerations

Along with the above commonly added bathroom features, there are other cost considerations according to home remodeling experts. These include the need for hidden plumbing, insulation or structural damage repairs, possible water or mold damage not visibly seen until walls, floors or ceilings are removed.

Additionally, an upstairs bathroom overhaul, like large and heavy soaking tub installations, can also jack up the work price depending on the particular contractor.

Many contractors also charge a fee for the removal of removed waste items like old tubs, shower enclosure materials and various flooring and other building materials. These expenses will usually be part of your expected labor costs, but homeowners should always ask ahead of time to avoid extra expenses that the homeowner was not expecting.

Is It Cheaper To Do All Work Together or In Stages?

There are a couple of things to consider before making the decision to complete the entire bathroom renovation all at once or do the work in graduated stages over a period of time.

If the home is older, it may be more cost-effective to have everything completed all together due to possible hidden costly damages or problems. This could save cash in the long run, because the homeowner will not have to rip up their costly floors, walls or bathroom fixtures in order to repair the lurking structural or other damages that may not be seen at the present time.

Other homeowners might benefit by doing the bathroom remodeling project in graduated stages depending on their budget costs, downtime requirements and other factors. It is crucial to have a realistic and well thought out plan of action for best end project results.

It is essential that consumers determine whether they should purchase all of their bathroom renovation supplies at once. This prevents not being able to later match any new materials to their already completed and installed materials like wall, shower or floor tiles, countertop surfaces and various hardware items among others.

Do Your Research Beforehand and/or Contact a Contractor

Whether wanting to perform a bathroom renovation by yourself or prefer to hire help, always do your research beforehand and/or contact your chosen bathroom renovation contractor to determine needed material and labor costs. The costs of a desired bathroom upgrade or full overhaul can vary dramatically.

Consulting with an experienced contractor with a strong background in bathroom remodeling jobs can help homeowners figure out expected costs, find affordable materials and other important remodeling factors. These experts also give professional recommendations.

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