How To Remodel Your Bathroom In 2019

Remodeling a bathroom, like any other home project, takes organization, skills and fresh ideas that can be adapted through current trends yet not stray away from essential remodeling basics. You can remodel your bathroom in 2019 with a few of the best trends currently out there without having to worry about changing it the following year unless you just absolutely want to do it. To get a better idea as to what you can incorporate in a bathroom remodel, here are a few of the 2019 latest and greatest ideas.

Clean and Modern Vanities and Toilets

Modern floating vanities are gaining popularity in 2019 for bathroom remodels. They are attached directly to the wall rather than being anchored to a floor space. They provide a clean and sleek illusion through their seamless appearance, but they also add floor space and direct access to the floor below them. Cleaning underneath these types of vanities is a breeze and saves a lot of time and effort.

The seamless look in design is the real front-runner with all-around design trends in 2019, and wall mounted toilets are no exception. They fall in the same category as free-flowing vanities. Besides making a bathroom area appear more open, the dirt, dust and other bathroom debris that settles in the cracks and crevices of regular toilets can be eliminated with a floating toilet. Getting down on your hands and knees to clean a toilet’s base can become a thing of the past. A few quick swipes with a wet spray mop will do the job of cleaning around a free-floating toilet.

Marble Color

Though marble continues to be utilized in many bathroom remodels, the color palette for 2019 has changed somewhat. While white with gray veining remains in use, darker tones in solid gray with white veining effects are more predominant in 2019 bathroom remodels. Large slabs are the preference as they provide a neutral backdrop for a modern and clean look. Again, the seamless appearance of a wider and longer marble slab is also part of the trend in bathroom designs. Whether for shower, vanity or backsplash use, darker toned marble, even to the point of being black in color, is definitely a current trend.

Updated Rectangular Mirrors

Originally large, almost oversized circular mirrors were part of a growing trend and are still in use today; however, 2019 ushered in rounded edge rectangular mirrors. The hard look of a complete rectangle in mirror form has been softened by a new rounded appearance that is available in both smaller and larger sizes. A rectangular mirror can accommodate a vanity or standalone sink arrangement, and the rounded edge appearance provides an updated look that is a step above a more traditional mirror.

Open it Up

Open it Up

Open concept bathrooms are now associated with the whole “open it all up” design ideas that have dominated the design scene for some time. Typically, bathrooms are thought of as private closed off areas with doors, walls and solid barriers. An open concept bathroom is often characterized by wide spaces with little to no barriers other than privacy glass. Open concept bathrooms are usually connected to a master bedroom suite area, and the space is comparable to a spa-like getaway. It usually has a free-standing tub, sauna access, a tiled open shower, and clear glass enclosures. Other typical features include longer vanities, double sinks and an array of mirrors that occupy walled areas. Storage is often found within floating style cabinets or vanities with cubicles or compartments for towels and other bathroom necessities.

In taking a look at some of the latest trends for remodeling a bathroom, almost any one of them can be utilized in a bathroom area as long as they can be incorporated in a practical and workable plan for the particular bathroom space. Not everyone is totally aware of the many trends today that will be of help in transforming a bathroom space. If that’s you, complete the contact form and a specialist will get back to you with the answers you need to incorporate one or more of the latest trends in your bathroom remodel project.