Quartz Countertop Trends In 2019

There is no doubt how important your countertop is to your kitchen. It is where you prepare your family meals and also where people tend to gather when you have celebrations in your home. Not only do you want a countertop that is safe for food preparation but you also want one that will set the tone of your kitchen. Many homeowners are choosing quartz as their countertop surface due to its durability and ability to resist bacteria, making it safer for food preparation than other types of counters. These are some of the quartz countertop trends that are popular in 2019.

Honed and Leather Surfaces

Today’s design trends have more tactile and textured surfaces than before. For this reason, honed and leather surfaces in quartz countertops are also growing in popularity. Although most people still choose polished stone, there are reasons this trend is growing. Honed or leather finishes can hide any imperfections in the stone such as scratches or stains that may appear with use. Leather finishes retain more of the stone’s natural color so it looks a little more sophisticated than honed. It is also better at hiding fingerprints and water spots than polished surfaces.

More Character

Today, people are looking for more character in countertops and technology now offers options in that area. You can now choose from a wide range of patterns and veining. The countertops with round particulates are now being replaced with surfaces of natural veining. Quartz counters are now available with natural looking veining which can give your kitchen more character.

Sink Options

Another trend that is popular this year is a wider range of sink surfaces and styles. Although integrated sinks are still popular, designers are now using matte black sings and features as well as bold colors like brass or gold. These are a big change from the stainless steel gray sinks and faucets that have been the norm for decades. More homeowners are adding oversized sinks in their kitchen as well. Farmhouse sinks have also grown in popularity as more people are creating retro looks in their homes.

Neutral Colors Are Back

The jet black or bright blue counters that seemed popular recently are slowly disappearing. Instead, tones of soft gray, white and beige are trending. Homeowners are capturing individual components in the kitchen by using neutral colors. Some choose brighter colored quartz counters while still maintaining a neutral style base by choosing light blues of almost gray or browns that accentuate other colors throughout the kitchen. Natural light is also a growing trend so the neutral colors give an airy feel to a kitchen.

Backsplashes of Color

One way to add splashes of color to a kitchen is to install backsplash along the counters. Decorators are moving away from basic subway tile and moving toward larger, patterned tiles. The pop of color in a patterned tile works well with the neutral shades that are increasingly popular in kitchens today.

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