Popular Kitchen Trends For 2019

Today, most homeowners or potential homeowners like to follow kitchen trends. They know that kitchen areas have become the center of attention in a home and that almost every activity that occurs there, whether cooking, meal preparation or family related endeavors are centered around that space. They also know that the value of their home is dependent on how their kitchen looks and functions. They want to go all out to keep up with the current trends to ensure that their home is well presented. Before doing all that, they’ll need to know more about what is actually trending in 2019 and here are a few of the major trends for the current year.

Expanded BacksplashesExpanded Backsplashes

Even Prior to 2019, backsplashes were popular and they continue to be so today with just a few minor adjustments in the longer and larger department. Tiles or other backsplash materials are now being extended to the ceiling level, and those backsplashes are often highlighted by bold patterns. So, in place of a small area of tile above a counter or sink area, a whole wall is tiled. The area becomes a focal point and the eye is driven upward. A solid wall area will enlarge the space as well as provide textural aspects.

Kitchen Sinks and Fixtures

Kitchen sinks for 2019 have become diversified. Stainless steel is still highly rated while embellished sinks, colored sinks, smaller sinks, and sinks with added extras are part of the current trend. Sinks can include integrated accessories such as cutting boards, pot holders, areas for ice storage, coasters and other items. Other innovative sink ideas include kitchen islands that have incorporated sinks along with faucet fixtures that provide for additional water use in food and drink preparation.


Countertop material trends change from year to year, but it appears that quartz finishes have the edge in 2019. Its hard surface is pretty much impervious to damage, though caution should be taken with overly hot cookware placement. Beautiful and bright finishes are the key with quartz and their timeless presentation seems to have gotten the attention of both design enthusiasts and homeowners. Though granite use seems to be waning, the deeper color selections that granite offers would be in keeping with the darker countertop trends for 2019.


Innovative lighting has remained a stable element of almost every new kitchen design. Recessed lighting is an ongoing trend and continues to be utilized, while newer trends include pendant or suspended lighting that provides lighting over kitchen islands, open sink areas, countertop spaces and eating areas. With newer pendant lighting styles encompassing traditional, minimalist, industrial and modern designs, there are numerous choices that can enhance any kitchen.


Open shelving seems to be one trend that has dwindled some in 2019, but it is still being seen in more open concept kitchens. Homeowners are looking for ways to display their prized dish and glassware pieces in an open way and are tired of hiding their best behind cabinet doors. Other kitchen decorative and utensil items can be displayed on open racks or in a large glass or ceramic jars as well as baskets and wooden boxes. Open shelving is definitely a way to present personal displays that are both decorative and functional additions to a kitchen.

Kitchen Seating

Additional seating in a kitchen area is one thing that most home design enthusiasts look for in a 2019 kitchen. There are always bar stools placed around an open island for extra family seating, but bench seating seems to be a newer trend. It is similar to a breakfast nook but can be larger and extend around a corner space and under a window area for a comfortable and more family-friendly way to enjoy meals and conversation around a round or larger farm table.

So many popular kitchen trends today are doable and can be incorporated into almost any new home or home renovation project but if you are unsure of what trend is right for your home situation, fill out the contact form and a representative will help you understand what 2019 trends can be incorporated in your home.