How To Choose The Best Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features in your kitchen. Lighting allows you to see what you are cutting, stirring or cooking while also creating an atmosphere in the space. Most kitchens have some type of overhead lighting but to put some additional light on what you are doing in the kitchen, consider adding under cabinet lighting as well. Under cabinet lighting complements over head lighting and highlights the work area as well as the backsplash. It eliminates shadows and creates ambiance, giving your kitchen a warmer look. Before choosing under cabinet lighting, however, there are important features you need to look for before selecting the lighting.


There are two types of voltage for under cabinet lighting. Normal line voltage is 120V while low voltage lighting is either 12V or 24V. There is really not much difference in energy savings, light quality or the lifespan of either voltage. Low voltage lighting, however, allows you to use smaller light fixtures so that you can put more lights in a smaller area. They also produce less heat, making the room more comfortable. You will need a transformer if you choose low voltage lighting to convert your home’s 120V circuits, however.


You can either choose to hard-wire the under cabinet lighting or you can use simple plug-in options. Hard wiring requires you to connect the light directly to existing wiring while plug-in uses a power outlet, such as a wall socket. Plug-in is the less expensive option but it will require a wall socket near the location of the lighting. It is also possible to find under cabinet lighting that requires no wiring as they are operated by battery.

Ability to Dim Lights

Although adding dimmers may increase the cost, it will give you control over the lighting. When you dim the lights, they use less energy which can save you money. If you have someone in your family or friend circle who has eyesight issue, they may need additional light without the glare which dimming provides. Dimming the lights also adds some mood lighting in the room. In addition, be sure to choose the right fixture lenses to avoid glare and reflections on the counter.

Energy Efficiency

You want to be sure that the lights you install are as energy efficient as possible. LED offers the best in energy savings, using as little as five watts for the same illumination provided by xenon or incandescent bulbs. They are also easy to dim and produce almost no heat. Xenon lights use more energy but give the kitchen a warm glow although they do give off a little heat. Fluorescent bulbs save energy but they cannot be dimmed so you have less control over their intensity.

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