Everything You Want To Know About Cambria Countertops

Cambria countertops are currently trending with top interior design artists and many home builders. This type of counter perfect material is actually quartz. This means that the material is crafted from a mixture of natural quartz stone particles blended carefully with a high-quality resin that gives this material strength, flexibility and lowered maintenance requirements.

Is Quartz a Natural Stone?

When speaking about quartz countertop materials, this option is considered an engineered substance. As already stated, it is a mixture of both natural quartz particles and dust mixed together with durable resins to create a beautiful and sleek appearance that shows its luster better than laminates, Corian, granite and some of the other natural stone material selections suitable in the construction of kitchen, bath and secondary room countertops.

Some Pros of Cambria Quartz in a Countertop

Quartz countertops, including Cambria Quartz, are considered just as strong and durable as its cousin which is the ever-popular granite countertop surface material. Consumers can expect their gorgeous new Cambria quartz counters to last for decades without the need for much in the way of maintenance tasks over time.

Cambria quartz has more flexibility in its consistency. This makes it perfect for countertops as they are easily bent and folded during the construction process.

A huge advantage of quartz is that the material is man-made and doesn’t require the time-consuming maintenance work that porous materials like natural granite and other stones do. There is no need to reapply surface sealants, as this material is not porous. Quartz cleans up fast without much effort.

Cambria quartz can be found in a large number of striking color combinations and surface pattern choices.

Some Cons of Cambria Quartz Countertops

Even though this material is designed to be long-lasting, strong and should remain practically damage-free during regular use, it can become damaged if it is treated too roughly. Basically, when spills and surfaces are cleaned up quickly with gentle soap and wiped with a soft cloth, your Cambria quartz counters will remain stunning and like new for a very long time.

Although most seams are not evident if the countertop is installed in the proper manner, lighter shades might still show these seams in some cases. This is especially true for larger areas of counter surfaces. However, consumers can go with a darker hue to avoid this possibility, as dark colors can hide construction seams and other imperfections.

Another huge disadvantage of using Cambria quartz over some other material choices is the heaviness of the material. Due to the manufacturing process and weight of the included ingredients, Cambia quartz models should be installed by professionals with knowledge of how to correctly apply the weight load to avoid damage later down-the-road.

Quartz may discolor slightly if exposed to the harsher UV rays from the sun. This can result in the fading of these areas making the countertop noticeably darker. Also, the uniform nature of quartz can show differences quicker than natural stone varieties with their already versatile markings and striations.

Easier Maintenance

Easier Maintenance for Durable Surfaces Using Quartz

Cambria quartz options include many fine shades and so many benefits. In addition to all of these fantastic qualities that quartz countertops provide, they are simple to maintain over time.

A Comparison of Granite Counters with Cambria Quartz

Granite is still a widely popular material choice for countertops. There are some differences between granite counter surfaces and Cambria quartz varieties that consumers should consider before purchase.

Cambria quartz is constructed from natural quartz, and this material is considered one of the hardest and most durable minerals found on the planet.

On the other hand, granite only contains roughly 40% up to 60% quartz, and granite also contains other softer minerals and may include a number of different impurities. Granite counters also require more extensive maintenance than quartz counters do.

While both granite and Cambria counter surfaces boast magnificent beauty, Cambria quartz counters give consumers all of the many advantages of quartz without the downside of being porous and requiring initial and ongoing regular sealing to maintain its protective properties.

Cost of Cambria Quartz Counters

Many home interior designers recommend that consumers think of Cambria quartz as an investment to the overall value of the home. These types of counters are considered valuable when wanting to sell the home at a future date.

As a result, this makes the initial price of the counter a bit pricey, but the lack of maintenance duties, the durable surface benefits, and its expected long life keeps these costs from a better perspective.

Is a Cambria Quartz Counter Safe for Food Prep?

Many natural stone materials, including granite, are susceptible to retaining harmful germs due to these stone’s natural porous character. Granite and some other materials will require sealing to achieve the same benefit. Cambria quartz counters are safe for food prep and do not have this porous character and will never need to be sealed like other materials need.

What Designs & Colors Do Cambria Quartz Counters Come In?

Consumers are often pleasantly surprised when they discover the wide range of different designs and color options that Cambria Quartz counter surfaces offer.

As an added and enticing bonus, Cambria quartz features rich and vibrant color selections that are seen all the way through the finished slab. These counters come in upwards of 140 fabulous designs.

Cambria Quartz Counters Environmentally Safe?

Cambria quartz is considered environmentally safe and meets the GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification requirements. This designation is only given to safe low-emitting materials and products used in the home.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Cambria Quartz Counters?

When cared for properly, consumers should expect the lifetime of Cambria quartz countertops to last approximately 25 years and often much longer.

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