What Makes Cambria Different From Other Quartz Countertops?

Cambria is different from other quartz countertop materials for several reasons, one of them being that Cambria is manufactured in the United States, and second of all, it is a private, American-owned (Minnesota) company that has been in business for over 60 years. Cambria started as a dairy business and moved on to countertop material production. There are other attributes of Cambria that make it stand apart from other brands such as the Silestone, Caesarstone, and Zodiaq lines. Here are a few Cambria features:

Leading Brand

Cambria is a leading brand because it performs well due to its material composition and lasting quality. Cambria has its own quartz sources and doesn’t import materials from outside America. Working with their own quartz mineral supplies helps cut costs as well as create savings for new product development. In addition, the company is able to propel those savings towards new design concepts and manufacturing processes. Cambria also leads the pack because of its slab sizes, wide range of designs, colors, and edging choices.

Specialized Distribution

Another thing that sets Cambria aside from other brands is that it can only be purchased through bath and kitchen design dealers, interior designers, builders, and architects. No large home improvement stores carry it, so most consumers can be assured that they are getting top-of-the-line quartz slabs.

Natural Looking Patterns

Natural appearing patterns also set Cambria apart from other quartz brands, plus finishes are smooth and polished. With a tremendous array of dramatic and stylish designs (120), Cambria offers the best quartz countertop choices for any kitchen or bathroom design and also provides a full lifetime warranty and other guarantees.

Large Slabs

A big countertop project is going to require a large slab, and Cambria offers jumbo slabs that are more adaptable to big countertop projects. Also, large slab use cuts the cost of countertop installations.

Other Aspects

Cambria has a hardness comparable to diamonds along with unbelievable strength. It is actually stronger than granite. It requires little if any maintenance. Sealing and polishing are unnecessary, and they can be easily maintained with soap and water. Cambria quartz is nonporous, stain-resistant, and is certified completely safe for surface food and any kind of splash area activity. Its surface is completely safe and is literally impervious to stains from wine, coffee, or tea.

Comparison Differences

Silestone – is a newer Italian company that is known for its large number of vibrant color selections that are available through their specialty series of Zen, Life, and Stellar. Each slab does contain a protective surface barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria as well as mold and mildew. The surface can remain clean longer, which makes it easier for everyday cleaning and maintenance. It is a good countertop choice for a busy kitchen and is comparable to Cambria for surface safety.

Caesarstone – is considered the initiator and manufacturer of quartz materials for countertops. The company operates out of Israel and has been doing so since the 1980s. They’re known for their innovative designs that include the use of gems that are incorporated within the countertop as well as quartz countertops with unusual textures.

DuPont’s Zodiaq – Cambria meets its match with Zodiaq. Like Cambria, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. It is also stain-proof, heat-resistant, and requires minimal upkeep. Zodiaq doesn’t require polishing, waxing, or resealing, like other stone countertop materials.

Once you’ve looked at Cambria designs and compared them to other quartz brands, you may decide that Cambria has the quartz countertop materials that meet your needs. If you are unsure of what Cambria offers, take some time and complete the online contact form, and a representative will get back to you with the answers you need to make a decision about this special quartz product.